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2021 Dean’s Report

Lessons Learned

On the following pages, you will find lessons learned from the pandemic and how discoveries here are helping to change its course. From vaccines, variants and scientific models for developing treatments to an investigation into “long-haul COVID,” our scientists continue to uncover new knowledge for vanquishing the global catastrophe.

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Academics and Research

As one of the world’s most renowned biological science institutions, the UCI School of Biological Sciences is shaping the future for generations to come. Students and faculty alike have access to world-class facilities and technology that empower their groundbreaking work. This continues the School’s founding philosophy of innovation, an approach that uses interdisciplinary studies to create new paths to discovery.
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Join Dean Frank LaFerla as he explores and covers some of today’s most pressing issues in world being researched by the researchers at the UCI School of Biological Sciences.

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Your Gift Makes a Difference

What our students and faculty do here is nothing short of amazing. The best and brightest minds of our generation are working to solve the real-world issues that affect every single one of us. But we cannot do it alone. The breakthroughs being made here rely in part on outside resources and the generosity of others. Your support today will ensure a healthier tomorrow.


Katrina Whiteson, PhD. holding up a petri dish

At the UCI School of Biological Sciences, our faculty is made up of accomplished visionaries who believe in the power of your ideas.
Although our Faculty is focused on their research to make the world a better place, they are also dedicated to training the next generation of talented Biologist.


Three Students in a lab

With 3,100 undergraduates and nearly 300 graduate students, the School of Biological Sciences is one of the largest at UCI. The School attracts the brightest minds and is rich in diversity. We believe that our student’s success after graduation speaks volumes of the school’s quality and leadership in the scientific community.


Students out in field with Professor Bowler showing them something out of the frame

The UCI School of Biological Sciences has four departments. Each department ranks in the top 20 percent or higher of national institutions according to National Research Council data and has a comprehensive series of core courses for undergraduates that reflect the ever-expanding field.

Meet the Class of 2024 & 2025!

We are UCI BioSci

Meet some of the freshmen and sophomores who joined the UCI School of Biological Sciences!

Learn why they chose to major in biology, what they hope to accomplish before they graduate, and what makes them excited for the fall quarter!

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