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Dean’s Distinguished Lecture featuring Professor Ian Parker

April 18, 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
FREE / Open to the public
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UCI Student Center, Crystal Cove Auditorium and Lobby
School of Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences

Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series

You can see a lot just by looking.
Visualizing the Inner Workings of Health and Disease

presented by

Ian Parker, Ph.D., FRS

Professor of Neurobiology
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
School of Biological Sciences
School of Medicine

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

UCI Student Center,
Crystal Cove Auditorium and Viewpoint Gallery


4:00 p.m. Lecture
5:00 p.m. Photography Exhibit and Reception 


Vision is our most powerful sense. Throughout his career, Professor Parker has used images to explore both the inner workings of cells in his research studies, and the beauty of the natural world through his landscape and wildlife photography. In this presentation he will draw parallels between these two aspects of his life, and describe how the novel microscopes he has constructed open new windows to view biological processes in real-time.  Professor Parker will illustrate his innovative applications for visualizing physiological processes at the cellular level, including cells fighting infection; Alzheimer’s disease proteins punching holes in cell membranes; and membrane tubes connecting and communicating between metastasized cancer cells.  One motivation for these studies is simple curiosity. If we have a new way of looking, we are in for a visual feast. And, likely, we will discover things we might not have predicted – including mechanisms underlying both the normal, physiological functioning of cells, and how their functioning is disrupted in diseases.

Following the lecture, UCI Illuminations presents: 

Evanescent Light: The Nature Photography of Professor Ian Parker

 The exhibit will be on display and open to the public from April 18-28, 2017.


The event is open to the public and UCI campus community

Parking is available for $10 per vehicle at the UCI Student Center Parking Structure

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