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Graduate Student Teaching Resources


Busy Student’s Guide to Grading Exams (or, stop wasting time with grading and get back in the lab!)


  • Grading Guide
  1. Preparing for Exam Administration
    • Coversheets
    • Assigned Seating
    • Prepare Answer Keys
  2. Scoring Scantrons
    • Prepare Completed Scantrons
    • Scan the Scantrons
  3. Using scanTrax
    • Score the Scantrons with scanTrax Program
    • Merge Midterm Exams
    • Assign Letter Grades
    • Insert Scores into Class Roster
  4. Posting Grades
    • Post Scores/Grades
    • Hold Office Hours
    • Make Grade Corrections
    • Final Grades
  5. egrades Instructions
    • Subscribe
    • Get the Class Roster
    • Verify
    • Submit
    • Match

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