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Grading Checklist


Exam preparation:
_____ask professor/coordinator to subscribe to egrades
_____obtain class roster through egrades
_____write exam
_____proofread exam
_____include professor-approved coversheet
_____be sure exam version is last question of exam
_____scramble test for multi-version
_____post assigned seating chart
_____intermix exam versions
_____make exam keys
_____gather plenty of scantrons and extra pencils for test

Exam Administration
_____pass out scantrons
_____verbally review instructions with students
_____ID numbers filled in correctly
_____what will be considered cheating
_____what to do with scantrons and test booklets when
_____pass out exams
_____instruct students to begin when everyone has a test
_____collect scantrons and test booklets, check Ids

_____sort exams by version
_____sort exams by first number in ID
_____make sure exam key has appropriate version information
on it
_____get tests administered by Disabled Student Services


Read Scantrons
_____obtain an IBM 3 1/2 inch disk
_____run scantrons in batches by version, key on top
_____appropriately name output files
_____check output files in spreadsheet program for
incorrect IDs and missing answers
_____save files as text format

Score Scantrons
_____use scanTrax program
_____choose option 1
_____fill in appropriate text file names

_____correct ID numbers and scores in .txt files
_____note missing scores or scores for unregistered students
_____post scores, histogram, mean score, standard deviation,
office hours
_____hold office hours
_____make grading corrections in appropriate files
_____submit final grades

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