Posting Grades

Post Grades

Post the grades in the appropriate glass case for your class. Find out from the instructor which forms generated by scanTrax he or she prefers you to post. The instructor may also want you to post a reduced copy of the actual exam(s).

Note: Before printing out the corrected response files (.scn), change the font to Courier or another printer font so that the columns will line up properly.

Hold Office Hours

A number of students will insist on verifying their score by seeing their own Scantron form. And, even though you carefully checked for inaccurate ID numbers,
you will find that you have scores for ID numbers not on your class roster and ID numbers on your class roster for which you have no scores. Plan to hold office hours about a week after grades are posted. In addition to scantron forms, have a copy of the exam and multiple copies of the answer keys for the students to view. Office hours will hopefully clear up most of the problems you have encountered with unclaimed ID numbers.

Make Grading Corrections

Open your .txt files (raw data files), make corrections, then rescore with scantrax option 1 (this will give you perfect .txt files and a perfect .sls file and rescoring with scanTrax only takes a minute).

If you are certain that the scantrons will never need to be rescored, however, you may make the corrections in the .sls file for that exam instead.

scanTrax uses the .sls files to get total scores for assigning final grades, so you want these files to be accurate.

It is recommended that you use detailed documentation for corrections. Also, keep track of ID numbers and scores for which you have no corresponding number on the class roster.

These people may be waiting to add the class or will come to you at the end of the quarter and tell you that they are making up an incomplete from the quarter before.

In any case, hang onto all the information.

You will be amazed at the circumstances in which you will be required to recall what you did.

Final Grades

Inserting Final Grades into the Class Roster

Choose option 5 on the scanTrax opening menu. scanTrax will merge the grades list file (.gsm file) onto the class roster file you got from the registrar’s office. Non-matching ID numbers will be indicated on the screen by scanTrax. Post the final grades with the grade distribution, histogram, and class mean and standard deviation. You may also want to post final office hours and/or a deadline by when corrections must be made.

Your departmental office will probably need:

  1. A copy of the grades submitted to the registrar,
  2. Any problem ID numbers,
  3. Any other information that may help them to solve student grade problems.

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