The BioSci Mentor Program proves that great things happen when alumni and community professionals build mentoring relationships with BioSci undergraduate students. Click on the links below for the success stories of mentors and mentees who have participated in the BioSci Mentor Program.

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Student & Mentor Feedback


  • “I was able to learn about the optometry profession, various business skills (e.g. networking) and public speaking skills. I was also able to gain having a role model who will be able to help me achieve my (career) goals.”
  • “I received lots of guidance, suggestions of what I can do to make the right decisions in schools, what to write in a personal statement, and enthusiasm for the whole difficult process.”
  • “I now know how to plan my undergraduate years successfully so that I can do the MD/PhD program and become a family practitioner as that is where my interest lies.”
  • “My mentor was always willing to tell me about her field and her profession and critiqued my resume. However, in addition to this, I was also able to gain a new friend from the Mentor Program.”
  • “I got to know a really great person who gave me advice on my future career path.”
  •  “I am so glad that I participated and took advantage of the program, it has motivated me to pursue a career in dentistry more passionately. It is nice to have someone to talk to about your school and your future, in general.”
  • “Whenever I had questions that I didn’t know where I could get them answered, my mentor helped me with them. He is always supportive and positive, and answers my questions directly.”


  • “I am giving back to my profession and to the next generations through being a leader and role model. I can have an impact on how they can overcome their weakness and strengthen their skills, how they can cultivate a rewarding profession in dentistry, how they can incorporate volunteerism into their career, how they need to live by example, how they can change dentistry for the better and to have a positive impact on the world they live in.”
  • “I think the Mentor Program overall is a gold mine of opportunity to the students who are open to take advantage of it.”
  • “Get to impart my acquired knowledge to the next generation, and get to be involved in UCI.“
  • “The main benefit to me is having the opportunity to build relationships with the students. I have kept in contact with most of my mentees throughout the years. One is graduating from pharmacy school this year.”
  • “It is fulfilling to see someone pursue their dreams with an open mind.”
  • “It is very rewarding to feel like a role model for someone and energizing to feel their excitement and begin to envision their plans for the future.”
  • “Get a finger on the pulse of students, their interests and intellect. Also enjoy ongoing relationships with several from the past who keep in touch. With good students, it’s fun to help them write their applications for professional school, even recommendations and see them later on.”