Ed Chang and Nariman Noorzady
One of the Mentor Program’s first success stories is the mentoring relationship between Ed Chang ’84 and Nariman Noorzady ’02. In 2000, when the pair was matched, Nariman was a rising junior who had decided not to pursue a medical career and was trying to determine his career path.  Over the course of two years, Ed and Nariman developed a model mentoring relationship that helped Nariman find his professional path and allowed Ed to become re-engaged with the School of Biological Sciences and a new generation of Anteaters.
Since that pairing, Nariman has risen through the ranks of Opus Medical where Ed was the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Marketing. Currently, Nariman is the District Sales Manager at Cayenne Medical Inc. Cayenne is another organization founded by Ed who is also the Vice-President of Marketing. Ed and Nariman were kind enough to share their mentoring success story in a 2002 interview. Read the full interview here.

Marlene Godoy, D.D.S., Jaclyn Barrera, Tandis Soltani, and Tiffany Tu
Dr. Marlene Godoy has mentored students in the Bio Sci Mentor Program since 2001 and has been an immense supporter of the School of Biological Sciences. She was matched with two sophomores Jaclyn Barrera and Tiffany Tu in 2006 and continued to mentor them along with Tandis Soltani a freshman in 2007. Dr. Godoy, Jaclyn, Tiffany, and Tandis recently provided their mentoring success stories. Read the full interview here.

Susan Hutchinson, M.D., Lesley Martinez and Thuy-Chung Nguyen
A mentor since 2003, Dr. Susan Hutchinson has mentored several students in the Bio Sci Mentor Program and was the keynote speaker at the 2007-2008 Mentor Program Kick-Off Reception. Over the years Dr. Hutchinson has provided job shadowing to her mentees at her office in Irvine. In 2007 she was matched with Lesley Martinez and Thuy-Chung Nguyen. Dr. Hutchinson, Lesley and Thuy-Chung described their experiences in the Mentor Program. Read the full interview here.