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April 22, 2014: New initiative on Exercise Science

April 17, 2014: Study IDs new cause of brain bleeding immediately after stroke

April 17, 2014: Q&A with Craig Stark on age-related memory loss

April 16, 2013: Modified stem cells may offer way to treat Alzheimer’s disease

April 13, 2014: Dean of Biological Sciences Frank LaFerla to receive award for outstanding service

April 13, 2014: Marcelo Wood honored at annual UCI Celebration of Teaching Awards

March 27, 2014: New dean is bio sci booster

March 13: Experimental drug may boost leukemia survival, without chemo

March 10, 2014: OC Register: Alzheimer’s ‘Holy Grail’? Blood test may provide tip off

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January 13, 2014: Caffeine consumption enhances memory, UCI neurobiologist finds

November 26, 2013: UCI, Northwestern researchers create compounds that boost antibiotics’ effectiveness

October 17, 2013 : National Institute on Aging renews funding for UCI’s 90+ Study

October 27, 2013: Borrego water dilemma subject of big study?

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August 23, 2013: Researchers discover SARS virus components, cure may be afoot

August 8, 2013: Houston radio interview with Eco Evo’s Steve Allison

August 2, 2013: UCI led team develops more accurate model of climate change’s effect on soil

August 2, 2013: Scientists develop more accurate model of climate change’s effect on soil

August 2, 2013: Researchers look at the Magnitude of Future Warming

August 1, 2013: An interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Ken Cho receives large NIH grant 

July 26, 2013: What can plants reveal about global climate change?

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June 13, 2013: Study links food packaging chemical and obesity to girls

June 11, 2013: Diploma done, Mom’s next dream: Doctor (subscription required)

June 6: ‘Sensory-Focused’ Autism Therapy Shows Early Promise

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April 19, 2013: Seeking the sources of seizures

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April 12, 2013: LA Times – ‘Ancient scourge’ no more? Bed bugs thwarted by bean leaves in study.

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April 11, 2013: OC register – UCI biologist shares quest for malady’s cause (login required)

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April 10: Bean Leaves Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

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April 1, 2013: Study finds Southern California sagebrush better suited to climate change

March 28, 2013: UC Irvine biologists contribute Science article on fungal carbon sequestration

March 20, 2013: Oceans May Absorb More Carbon Dioxide

March 16, 2013: Scientists get new digs in the desert

March 16, 2013: Anza-Borrego’s tough eradication project: Cutting the mustard

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March 7, 2013: Biology-inspired architecture in UCI plaza

January 16, 2013: How to Make a Fat Mouse

January 8, 2013: UCI researcher: male, female brains are different ‘mosaics’

December 10, 2012: UCI’s cloned redwoods rooted in research

December 7, 2012: Three outstanding Bio Sci students honored at ARCS luncheon

November 27, 2012: Special sensors allow fish to dart away from potential threats at the last moment

November 27, 2012: Time Magazine: Even Brief Exercise Can Improve Memory In Older Adults

November 26, 2012: Brief exercise immediately enhances memory, UCI study finds

November 6, 2012: Bio Sci student profile: MB&B major Carla Plaza

October 23, 2012: Graduate Student Profile: Kwasi Connor

October 22, 2012: BioSci student promoting human rights receives Dalai Lama Scholarship

October 15, 2012: Neuroscientists from UCI and NYU have isolated the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of molecular activity that occurs in memory formation

September 26, 2012: UCI School of Biological Sciences professor emeritus Peter Bryant documents 4 different species of salps in Orange County

September 21, 2012: Faculty at UC Irvine Institute for Memory Impairment and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND) are aggressively studying Alzheimer’s research

August 7, 2012: Making Memories

July 30, 2012: UCI scientists study people who can’t forget