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Frequently Asked Questions

My GPA is below a 3.0, will my application be considered?
Our program aims to accept applicants with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and a science cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (for all completed science courses). We feel students need to meet this minimum requirement in order to be academically successful in our intense science curriculum. If you have additional questions about whether or not you are a potential candidate for this program please email .


I have not completed one quarter of Calculus, am I eligible to apply?
Effective for the 2017 application cycle, we will accept either one quarter/semester of Single-Variable Calculus or Preparatory/Introductory Chemistry to meet the science pre-admission requirement. A grade must be reported for application consideration.  Summer courses cannot be in progress to meet pre-admissions requirements due to our summer start date in mid-June.


Experiencing problems completing the application.
MAC and or Microsoft Office 2016 users have reported experiencing problems with the application. We have modified the application to address the issue, however if you continue to experience problems  click here to download the PDF Application to complete by hand. If the problem you are experiencing is localized to one section, complete the majority of the application on the regular fill-in form and proceed to print the applicable page needed from the pdf application. Please also inform our office ( of the problem you are experiencing.  It would be helpful if you can indicate your computer type (MAC or PC), Microsoft Office version, specific page ( if localized) and provide a screen shot of the error.


SAT or ACT questions
All applicants that have taken the SAT and or ACT exam(s) are required to report their scores on the application. Applicants that began at community college prior to transferring to a four year institution may not have taken the standardized exam(s) and therefore will not be required to report scores.


I have a science degree (in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, etc.), am I still eligible to apply?
This answer depends on the number of basic premed/health courses you have completed. Applicants that have completed more than 25% of their basic premed/health courses are not eligible for the program. Please contact us at or 949-824-2682 to discuss your eligibility. This may require a review of your transcript.


Important Dates & Deadlines
2017 Application Cycle
Applications Open: October 15. 2016
Recommended Deadline: February 15, 2017
Final Deadline: May 1, 2017 (applications and all supporting documents received)
First day of instruction: mid-June 2017


When is your application deadline? What is the turnaround time for application decisions?
Our application cycle opens annually on October 15 and closes on the first of May the following year. Should either of these dates land on a weekend, the date will be extended to the next business day. We have a rolling admissions policy. Applicants are reviewed in the order they are received. Students will be notified via email regarding other application updates/notification and admissions decisions. Competitive applicants will be invited for an interview. Admissions decisions will be sent out approximately 2-8 weeks post interview date.


What is the status of my application?

 The first email update is sent after the arrival of your application. Should supporting documents arrive prior to your application, please be aware you will not receive notifications until after your application has been received. You will continue to receive email application status updates every 3-4 weeks until your application is complete.  Due to the volume of applications our admissions committee receives, we kindly request  for your patients and to refrain from repetitive email inquiries regarding the status of your application, thus allowing our staff to process applications as soon as possible.

Applicants can expect their first Application Status email update within seven business days (excluding holidays) of arrival. We strive to notify our applicants as soon as possible. The timeline shown below is an estimate.

Application Arrives: Estimate : Application Status email
October 15 –January 15 1-3 business days
January 16 – February 15 3-7 business days
February 16 – May 1 4-7 business days

In the 2016 application cycle – a significant amount our applications arrived within the last 6 weeks of the program deadline. Students can anticipate longer processing times during months of April and May. We strongly encourage early application submission due to rolling admissions consideration and to avoid longer processing periods.

Reminder: The application deadline is May 1, 2017. Application and all supporting documents must be received by this date.

Supporting Documents: Can supporting documents ( letters of recommendations, transcripts, etc.) arrive before the application?
Supporting documents can be sent to the office prior to the arrival of the application. It is important that these documents are not sent too far in advance (beyond 30 days) from your anticipated application arrival date as this may cause delays matching your documents to your application.  Your first email update is sent after the arrival of your application. Students will be notified via email of application status, updates, and admissions decisions. Supporting documents  that arrive prior to your application, please be aware you will not receive notifications until after your application has arrived.
Is an interview part of the application process?
Interviews are by invitation for competitive applicants. Applicants will be contacted to schedule interviews in person or via webcam only if out of the area.


Do you have a preference for California Residence?
Our admissions committee seeks to admit the most qualified and competitive applicants. We do not have residency priority admissions. We do require a bachelors degree earned from a U.S accredited institution.


How do I enroll in classes?
Our enrollment procedures for postbaccalaureate premedical students is uniquely simplified. Upon acceptance into the program, the program advisor and student would have met and mapped out a two year academic and preparation plan. Each quarter the program advisor will have a pre-filled course enrollment form completed. The student is responsible for submitting the form to the UCI Division of Continuing Education to pay the tuition balance. Postbaccalaureate premedical students have guaranteed enrollment in all basic science courses. Postbaccalaureate premedical students together will be immersed in the same classrooms with UCI undergraduate science majors.


Will I have the opportunity to engage in research?
Research is not part of the program’s curriculum structure. Due to the intensity of the program, only students that have shown consistent strong academic achievement after four quarters in the program are encouraged to take part in research. It is important that student establish a solid foundation in their pre-med required courses before adding additional electives.


Can I work while I am in this program?
Due to the rigors and curriculum structure of the program, we encourage students to avoid taking on too many extracurricular activities and large work loads. The more time students are able to invest in their studies, the more likely they are to thrive in the program. Students that have to work are encouraged to take on no more than 10-20 hours a week.


UCI has two pre-medical post baccalaureate programs. What are the differences between the two?

The UCI School of Medicine Post Baccalaureate Consortium program is an “academic record enhancer” program designed to assist disadvantage underserved applicants, whom have completed a majority or all their pre-requirements needed for medical school admissions, gain acceptances into medical school. The goal of the program is to increase diversity and number of physicians in underserved communities.

The UCI Ayala School Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is designed for students who come from non-science backgrounds seeking to complete basic sciences core classes needed to gain admissions into a medical or desired health profession.

Questions for the UCI School of Medicine Post Baccalaureate Program please direct your inquiries to or visit their website at


Does this program offer a linkage of acceptance to UC Irvine School of Medicine?
Our program is not affiliated with UCI School of Medicine. We maintain a positive relationship and work closely with the School of Medicine admissions staff, which will provide some advising for prospective pre-med students. Also, UCI SOM’s active medical students and faculty host workshops and events exclusive to UCI students quarterly. We encourage our postbaccalaureate students to take advantage of these free or low cost events. A part of our Professional Development Seminar, our postbaccalaureate students will receive complimentary admission to “World of Medicine” an event hosted annually by UCI SOM medical students. This event highlights various fields and specialties in medicine and provide participating students with fun, hands on experiences along with a tour of the School of Medicine learning environment.


When do I apply for a health professional program?
Throughout the two year program students will be immersed in a curriculum that will help prepare them for entrance examinations, in addition to the supplemental test prep classes hosted by the test prep company of their choice. Students are expected to apply after the completion of the program and can anticipate a one year gap. During this gap year students will continue to work on their applications and are encouraged to continue to build their profile with opportunities such as beginning or continuing research at UCI, clinical and community volunteer services, etc.


What housing options are available to postbacc. students in the program?
We do not offer a residency placement for postbacc. students on campus. However there are many off-campus housing options (not affiliated with UC Irvine) in close proximately to the campus and neighboring cities. Many undergraduate and graduate UCI students select off campus housing options with private rental companies that cater to student housing. To learn more about these options visit and search for off campus housing options. Students admitted into the program have free access to the off campus housing listings.


Is financial aid available in this program?
Our program (like many other postbacc. programs) are not FAFSA (financial aid) eligible because we are not a degree certifying program. Applicants considering our program are encouraged to research the competitive student loan options offered by UC Preferred Private Loans Lender List. Early applications is strongly encouraged, allowing admitted students sufficient amount of time to make  financial preparations  to fund the program.


When is the first day of instruction?

Visit our registration calendar link (shown below) for first day of instruction information for classes in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Visit Summer Session calendar link (shown below) for first day of instruction information for Summer Session I and Summer Session II.