Supportive Resources

Supportive Resources

Pre-Health Seminars

Health Profession Development Seminar (exclusive to The UCI Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program students) – A unique class designed solely for this program. The goals of the Professional Development Seminar is to encourage active team base learning in a supportive environment, while receiving unique guidance and resources to prepare them for the application process. Meetings will include group learning on how to write and revise personal statements, details of the application process, tips on how to prepare for interviews, mock interviews, career and goal advising, opportunities to exercise presentation skills, and complimented by a variety of visiting guest speakers (admissions representatives, practicing physicians/health care providers, and upperclassmen medical-in-training peers). Through these meetings students will have the opportunity to learn and engage in team discussions about health care; current medical policy, science in medicine, and community health. All sessions are designed to help prepare and strengthen a student’s readiness for a well-rounded application to a health profession of their choice.

Alternative Elective Seminars

Post baccalaureate students will have access to three recommended (one unit) specialty seminars These seminars combined are designed to provide resources to prepare students for any career in medicine.

Career Decisions – Covers all general resources for a career in medicine and allied health.

Disparities in Health Care – Focuses on the understanding of concepts of awareness, attitudes, behaviors, as well as clinical and communication skills associated with status and consequences of diversity in health care.

Compassion in Health Care – Provides in overview of the importance of compassion in health care, providing examples from a variety of health care professions through lectures and discussion.


You will have personalized guidance from your program advisor. Your advisor will get to know you, your academic needs, and career goals. You will work together to develop your academic planner personalized to meet your career goals and receive advice on how to strengthen your profile. Your program advisor will walk you through the process from beginning to end. In addition to your postbaccalaureate program advisor, students will have access to the Biological Sciences Student Affairs Office—the largest counseling advising office on campus. The Biological Sciences Student Affairs Office is staffed with eleven Biological Sciences academic and pre-health professions advisors all equipped to provide health professions advising and course planning. These counselors are experts in the core curriculum you will be enrolled in and they have a solid foundation to provide advice for competitive candidacy for health professions programs. Prior to the creation of this program, the BSSA office has provided advising to UCI’s postbaccalaureate population for many years.

Free Accessible Weekly Tutoring

Free peer tutoring is available for basic science courses, biological sciences core classes, some upper division biological sciences electives, as well as inorganic and organic chemistry. All tutors are academically strong students that have taken and excelled in these courses. Tutoring sessions include practice worksheets that are based on the lectures the student is enrolled in. Peer tutors attend all the same sessions as their students and create study material based on the information presented while also providing additional support.

Entrance Exams

The postbaccalaureate curriculum is designed to help students meet admission requirements while simultaneously preparing them entrance exams such as the MCAT, which is required for admission into allopathic or osteopathic medical programs. High achieving students are eligible to receive a $1000 scholarship to use towards any test prep company of their choice.


UC Irvine is a proud innovative research leading institution. Students have access to over 230 research opportunities with faculty from the Ayala School of Biological Sciences and UCI School of Medicine. Every quarter, we have about 1,000 students engaged in research. Our students work with distinguished faculty on cutting edge scientific projects in state of the art facilities. Though research is not part of the program’s curriculum structure, high achieving postbaccalaureate students are encouraged to take advantage of the unique research opportunities on campus during their second year or post completion of the program.