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How to Find a 199 Faculty Sponsor

It is the student’s responsibility to find and contact their faculty sponsor. Below are some links to where you can find faculty sponsors:


 Department Websites


  1. Make a list of 4 or 5 labs that you are interested in. Note: some students have had to contact 15+ before they find someone.
  2. Do some research before contacting the professor. I.E. Reading a journal article published by professor. Science Librarian can help you.
  3. If the faculty DOES NOT have a course code on WebSoc, please have faculty contact Bio Sci 199 Coordinators to check eligibility by emailing biosci199@uci.edu
  4. Email the list of professors to schedule an appointment.  In your email please include the following:
    – Your career goals & interests
    – Why you want to conduct work in the particular arena
    – Time that you are available, quarters & hours per week
  5. Enjoy your discussion with professor; ask any questions that are important to you, such as what are the opportunities for own project and co-publishing a paper.
  6. Most Professors want a 1 year minimum commitment, some may want more. Be prepared with how much you can offer.

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