1. Fully read all of the Program Standards & Policies
  2. Apply for Bio Sci 199 by contacting faculty you wish to do research with.
  3. Once a position is secured make arrangements with professor as to # of hours and # of units
  4. Log-in to the Research Dashboard to complete the appropriate 199 packet (depending on location of research)
  5. Follow all instructions and do all paperwork
  6. Submit Packet A to front desk, for Packet B please meet with Sherry Ong or Kristin Fung
  7. Once the packets have been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation instructing you to enroll in the specific faculty’s Bio Sci 199 via WebReg. THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO ONE BUSINESS DAY.
  8. The add/drop deadline for Bio Sci 199 is the Friday of the 2nd week, (note: summer I and II deadlines are Friday of 1st week).
  9. All Packets are DUE Friday of the 2nd week by Noon to the Bio Sci Student Affairs Office.


For Summer Session

  1. Please go to www.summer.uci.edu
  2. Go to Student Services
  3. Then click Enrollment Changes
  4. Click on Forms
  5. Print Bio 199 Independent Research Form
  6. Have your Bio 199 faculty sponsor sign; bring it to Bio Sci Student Affairs Office to obtain dean’s signature (Along with your completed packet).
  7. Take this form to Summer Session; they create the course code and enroll you.

For new Bio 199 students: Must complete Bio 199 packet (see below) to start research. Bio 199 packets are valid for one academic year ( summer, fall, winter, and spring). The ADD deadline for fall, winter, and spring quarter enrollment is always the Friday of the 2nd week of each quarter. The deadline for Summer Session 1 & 2 is the Friday of first week of each session.

For continuing Bio 199 students, all packets will expire spring quarter every year, please remember that you will need to submit a new Bio 199 packet for Summer or Fall Quarter if you plan to continue in research.

NOTE: ADD/DROP DEADLINES for each quarter are strictly enforced.