What Does BioSci Mean to Me?

Biology touches everyone’s life and here in the UCI School of Biological Sciences,
we believe there is nothing more important than the study of life.

Read the stories below to learn about what BioSci means to our students.

Deja Lee

Being part of Bio Sci has allowed me to further my passions and interests off the court. I wanted to be part of a program that would allow me to  progress as a pre-med student and help me delve into a variety of disciplines within the major that I may decide to emphasize or specialize in after I graduate.


I am specifically interested in pursuing a career related to neurology, to which I have been fortunate enough to become a Research Assistant in the Translational Neuroscience Laboratory here at UCI, where I have been able to learn about different neurological and mood disorders from a research perspective, outside of a classroom setting.
Being a Bio Sci major has definitely challenged me and pushed me outside of my comfort zone in ways that have allowed me to be fearless as a student athlete and to continue to raise my own standards by accomplishing things I would not have envisioned myself doing when I first came to UCI. As challenging as it has been juggling my academic and athletic demands, I am grateful for how supportive the Bio Sci community has been in ensuring my success in both areas.

Bio Sci is the study of life and everything that is involved from the molecular pathways that control cell signaling, metabolism, tissue regeneration, plant growth, the incredible microbiota and ecology that surrounds us.


To be a BioSci student is the amazing experience of learning with brilliant people who will apply the knowledge and critical perspective they have gained toward advancing research discovery, healthcare, environmental conservation and so much more. Being apart of the BioSci community is an invaluable experience as I have been able to conduct research, connect with faculty who have challenged my thinking and served as great mentors. My bio sci experience could not be complete without my involvement with the Biological Sciences Student Council. I loved collaborating and working with passionate BioSci students to create informative events and networking opportunities with faculty, alumni and fellow students to support undergraduates in BioSci. With the financial support from School of BioSci, BSC has been able to host events including Thanksgiving with Faculty and Winter Soiree which have made interactions with Professors accessible and fun. The mentorship and guidance from the BSC board have helped me become a better leader and grow at UCI.

To me, BioSci has opened my eyes to the numerous health disparities throughout the world. As a pre-optometry BioSci student, I hope to be always be able to help others preserve their vision and have a crystal clear future.

To me, BioSci means broadening my perspective of life science beyond a microscopic or individual level. Through my education in BioSci, especially my Human Biology courses, I was able to apply what I learned towards real world matters, emphasizing the societal importance of scientific fields such as medicine.

Rufus Banks

The School of BioSci has provided me with a vast array of opportunities that set it apart from other programs. From the chance to learn directly from highly accomplished professionals in the classroom to engaging in hands-on research in labs and medical settings, BioSci facilitates a seamless transition from theory to practical application.

BioSci is my community at UCI that helps a large university feel a little bit smaller. Through BioSci, I’ve been able to meet people who are willing to study for hours together, to laugh at my nerdy bio jokes, and that keep pushing me to learn and grow.

Bio Sci means pursuing my dreams of becoming an oncologist. It means being a part of a community on campus with students and faculty who share my interests in the study of life. It means people looking at you funny when casually talking about the the Krebs Cycle with friends.

Learn More about Our Student Programs

EASE Presentation

EASE Initiative

The Enhanced Academic Success Experience (EASE) initiative aims to boost the academic success of first-year students in the School of Biological Sciences by creating cohorts of no more than 30 students who take their Biology and Chemistry courses together throughout their first year at UCI. Each cohort receives support from an EASE Peer Coach and Academic Counselor, as well as a weekly EASE seminar. EASE participants are guaranteed priority enrollment into Biology and Chemistry courses throughout their first year.

Group Picture of the Minority Science Programs (MSP) Students Recognized for Outstanding Research

Minority Science Programs

The Minority Science Programs (MSP) were established by the UCI School of Biological Sciences in 2000 to increase the number and academic excellence of underrepresented groups in biomedical research. The programs are supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and use a “pipeline” approach to identify and support promising undergraduate students early in their academic careers. The goal is to foster their interest in research and ultimately prepare them to enter PhD programs in the biomedical sciences.
The 2019 Minority Science Programs (MSP) Research Symposium

Undergraduate Excellence in Research Program

The School of Biological Sciences offers the Undergraduate Excellence in Research Program, allowing eligible students to participate in creative research, present their scientific data at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and earn the Excellence in Research in Biological Sciences award upon completion. Their research may also be published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Biological Sciences.
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