2022 Lauds & Laurels Dunlop School Recipients

April 15, 2022

The School is excited to announce three remarkable individuals from the Dunlop School community who will be recognized at this year’s Lauds & Laurels Ceremony scheduled for May 26th. The personal and professional achievements of these individuals have helped advance UCI’s goals and objectives and I am delighted that they have been chosen for these awards.

Distinguished Alumni

Diana Hendel, PharmD, who received her bachelor’s from UCI in 1985, is being recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Hendel has held numerous healthcare executive positions throughout her career and has served in several key leadership roles, allowing her to share her expertise with her community and Southern California as a whole. She also wrote the book, “Responsible: A Memoir,” based on her experience as a medical center executive. Hendel is currently Senior Partner at Partnership Advantage, where she helps individuals and organizations unlock new levels of growth and success. Hendel also serves as a member of Dunlop School’s Dean’s Leadership Council, providing counsel and support to advance the mission of the school’s priorities of teaching, research and public service.

Outstanding Staff Achievement

Benedicte Shipley, assistant dean of Dunlop School, is being recognized with the Outstanding Staff Achievement Award. Shipley has diligently served UCI and Dunlop School for over 30 years and in that time quickly became a strategic leader and a seasoned advisor across the entirety of the university. Due to her reputation as a skilled administrator, her expertise is regularly sought by numerous campus committees and her guidance and judgement have helped steer UCI and Dunlop School toward further success. Shipley’s own personal and professional development influences her leadership approach that emphasizes the growth of all the people who make up Dunlop School.

Outstanding Graduate Student

Angeline Dukes, MSc, who received her master of science from UCI in 2021 and plans to obtain her PhD in 2022, is being recognized with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. As a graduate student, Dukes has secured funding and fellowships from several prominent institutions for her research in understanding the long-term effects of adolescent nicotine and cannabinoid exposure. She is also an outspoken proponent of uplifting students from historically marginalized groups in the sciences. Through her international organization, Black in Neuro, Dukes provides mentorship, community and guidance for Black scholars and professionals in neuroscience-related fields. Dukes is an agent of change for creating inclusive and equitable environments in neuroscience-related fields and in higher education. Please join us in congratulating these exceptional individuals on receiving their much-deserved awards.

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