The culture we desire. The culture we deserve.

Dunlop School faculty, staff, and graduate students worked diligently for two years on a remarkable process facilitated by our friends at Partnership Advantage to create these eight Cultural Principles. Our goal was to create, introduce, and foster a school culture that we both desire and deserve. This collaborative effort involved extensive discussions, workshops, and feedback sessions to ensure that the principles truly reflect our collective values and aspirations. By embracing these Cultural Principles, we aim to build an inclusive, supportive, and innovative environment that empowers everyone in our community to thrive and achieve their fullest potential.

Our 8 Cultural Principles

transparent background for respect


We value diverse perspectives and commit to civil discourse.

transparent background for excellence


We set high standards and recognize both individual and collective achievement.

transparent background for courage


We strive to innovate, bravely take action, and learn from our mistakes.

transparent background for accountability


We hold ourselves and others responsible for our actions.

transparent background for integrity


We do what is right, even when it is difficult or no one is looking.

transparent background for teamwork


We work together and encourage collaboration.

transparent background for security


We commit to maintaining a collegial environment where everyone feels safe.

transparent background for justice


We embrace diversity, uphold equity, and actively promote inclusion.