Driving Scientific Excellence

Exploring the Biological Sciences

Embodying the University of California’s essential triad of Teaching, Research, and Public Service, the research programs at the UCI School of Biological Sciences stand at the forefront of scientific excellence. Our globally recognized faculty, alongside graduate and undergraduate students, delves into research that not only satiates intellectual curiosity but also aims at solving some of humanity’s most critical challenges. From untangling the complexities of diseases to innovating in stem cell therapies and environmental conservation, our community is at the forefront of scientific discovery.

Faculty, graduate students and many undergraduates participate in cutting-edge research on a wide variety of subjects, including:

Autumn Holmes, Graduate Student Researcher in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Health and Disease

Delve into critical issues such as cancer, infectious diseases, and stem cell therapies.

Explore the Mind

Research focused on neurodegeneration, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Environmental Impact

Engage with environmental and evolutionary studies that seek solutions for a sustainable future.


Contribute to science teacher education, shaping the next generation of scientists.

woman using MRI machine on patient

Core facilities are shared research laboratories and service centers designed to provide specialized scientific services, equipment, and expertise to faculty, students, and sometimes external researchers. These facilities support a wide range of research activities central to the biological sciences, ensuring that researchers have access to high-quality technology and resources. > Learn More

The following Centers and Institutes serve as focal points for school faculty interdisciplinary collaboration, advanced research, and specialized education within specific areas of the biological sciences. These entities aggregate resources, expertise, and efforts around particular themes or challenges, facilitating innovation and impactful scientific discoveries. > Learn More

Field stations within the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences are strategic outposts dedicated to facilitating research and education in natural settings. These valuable assets offer students, faculty, and researchers the opportunity to conduct hands-on biological research, observe ecosystems directly, and study a wide range of organisms in their native environments. > Learn More

Blurton Jones in lab

Research Services

Funding Fuels Our Research

As biologists, faculty in the School of Biological Sciences investigate the underlying principles of nature and use their discoveries to bring about a better tomorrow. In order to produce groundbreaking discoveries, funding is necessary. The Research: Administration and Development unit assists with developing and submitting grant proposals and managing grant awards according to sponsor requirements.