Academic Employment

Tenure and Tenure Track Positions
Department of Neurobiology and BehaviorAssistant Professor12/31/18
Department of Molecular Biology and BiochemistryAssistant Professor9/5/18
Other Academic Positions
Department of Molecular Biology and BiochemistryAcademic Coordinator8/15/18
Department of Developmental and Cell BiologyLecturer12/31/18
 Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Postdoctoral Scholar- Dr. McNaughton 9/1/18
 Department of Neurobiology and Behavior Postdoctoral Scholar- Dr. Sumikawa 11/30/18
Department of Neurobiology and BehaviorPostdoctoral Scholar – Dr. Wood9/30/18
 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Postdoctoral Scholar- Dr. Long8/31/18
 Department of Developmental and Cell Biology Postdoctoral Scholar 8/31/18
 Department of Developmental and Cell Biology Project Scientist8/31/18
 Department of Developmental and Cell Biology Specialist8/31/18
 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Postdoctoral Scholar8/31/18
 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Project Scientist8/31/18
 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Specialist8/31/18
 Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Postdoctoral Scholar8/31/18
 Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Project Scientist8/31/18
 Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Specialist8/31/18
 Department of Neurobiology and Behavior Postdoctoral Scholar8/31/18
 Department of Neurobiology and Behavior Project Scientist8/31/18
 Department of Neurobiology and Behavior Specialist8/31/18