A Legacy of Innovation

Within these pages, we honor the remarkable minds who have served as beacons of inspiration, pioneers of knowledge, and catalysts for profound connections within the scientific community at UC Irvine. Each name listed below represents a revered individual whose legacy remains etched in the heart of our institution. As we reflect upon their invaluable achievements, let us fervently celebrate the profound wisdom they imparted upon our department, forever leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of all who have had the privilege to learn from them.


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First NameLast NameDepartmentIn memoriam
Wendell MeredithStanley, JrMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2023
RichardMacMillenEcology and Evolutionary Biology2023
ArnoldStarrNeurobiology and Behavior2023
StuartKrassnerDevelopmental and Cell Biology2022
LynnCarpenterEcology and Evolutionary Biology2022
L. DennisSmithBiological Sciences*2021
Gayle “Morrie”GrangerMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2019
Daniel J.KnauerDevelopmental and Cell Biology2017
RicardoMilediNeurobiology and Behavior2017
KrishnaTewariMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2017
Robert K.JosephsonNeurobiology and Behavior; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2016
Norman M.WeinbergerNeurobiology and Behavior2016
Patrick L.HealeyDevelopmental and Cell Biology2015
Keith EvansJusticeEcology and Evolutionary Biology2015
Rowland HallowellDavisMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2015
Walter MonroeFitchEcology and Evolutionary Biology2011
EdwardWagnerMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2006
RobertWarnerMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2005
Paul H.SilvermanDevelopmental and Cell Biology2004
Grover C.StephensEcology and Evolutionary Biology2003
BarbaraBurgessMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2001
SujataTewariMolecular Biology and Biochemistry2000
Ernest AubreyBallBiological Sciences*1998
Peter StanleyDixonBiological Sciences*1993
Howard A.SchneidermanDevelopmental and Cell Biology1990
William D.NunMolecular Biology and Biochemistry1986
Ralph WaldoGerardBiological Sciences*1976
Edward A.SteinhausBiological Sciences*1970

The UC systemwide Senate has published the In Memoriam on its website since 2002. Many memorials for the years 1928-2001 can be found at the University of California History Digital Archives. Users may also search there by name and/or campus.