Charlie Dunlop

Charlie Dunlop stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination and philanthropy. From humble beginnings, Charlie has risen to become a beacon of innovation in the biotech industry, culminating in his founding of Orange County-based Ambry Genetics. This company, built from scratch, revolutionized genetic testing and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to understanding diseases for the betterment of humanity. Charlie’s journey from an ambitious entrepreneur to a pioneering scientist embodies the spirit of the American Dream and serves as an inspiration to students and professionals alike.

A Visionary‘s Journey

Charlie’s story is not just one of personal success but also of profound impact on the lives of others. His work at Ambry Genetics, particularly in releasing genetic data freely for research, has laid the foundation for countless medical advancements.

Commitment to Education

Charlie’s bond with the University of California, Irvine, particularly with the School of Biological Sciences, is both deep and personal. His generous contributions, culminating in a historic $50 million donation, reflect not just his belief in higher education but also his desire to give back to a system that fuels California’s innovation ecosystem. This unparalleled generosity has led to the naming of the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences, a name that will forever symbolize excellence, innovation and the pursuit of knowledge.

My focus is biology because it is the kind of science where dedication at the bench translates directly to success.

— Charlie Dunlop

A Shared Vision for the Future

Charlie’s vision for the future is clear: a world where every disease is understood and, ultimately, eradicated. He believes passionately in the next generation’s capacity to solve the most pressing challenges facing humanity, especially now that they have access to unprecedented amounts of data. His support extends beyond financial contributions; it encompasses a profound belief in the power of education to transform lives and societies.

Through his remarkable journey, Charlie Dunlop has shown that with resilience, a commitment to innovation and a deep-seated desire to contribute to the common good, extraordinary feats are possible. The Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences is honored to bear his name and is committed to upholding his legacy by fostering a new generation of scientists, researchers and leaders who will continue the quest for knowledge, innovation and the betterment of humanity.

Charlie Dunlop’s life and work remind us all: We are in this together.” His vision, generosity and legacy continue to inspire the UC Irvine community and beyond, propelling us toward a future where every challenge is met with courage, creativity and a collective spirit of inquiry.