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Welcome to the UC Irvine Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences graduate programs online information center. Here, you’ll discover our deep appreciation for our talented community and their innovative approaches to solving today’s most pressing challenges. Biological solutions are crucial for addressing global issues in health and well-being, sustainability and biodiversity, food production, and energy—all of which impact our economy and society.

Your scholarship, research, and success are our top priorities. Our School proudly supports over 200 doctoral students and 50 Master’s students engaged in a variety of rigorous programs. These programs are conducted in partnership with the Schools of Medicine, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Information and Computer Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Business. We are proud of our longstanding tradition of excellence and innovation, nurtured by a collaborative and interactive environment.

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Graduate Financial Support

Doctoral students admitted to the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences receive comprehensive financial support, including a generous stipend, coverage of fees, non-resident tuition, and health insurance, provided they maintain satisfactory progress. The Dunlop School and UC Irvine actively promote various funding opportunities, including pre-doctoral fellowships, research-specific training grants, educational fellowships, and teaching opportunities. Additionally, we offer travel support for students to present their thesis research at conferences.

UC Irvine Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences Fellowships

The School of Biological Sciences offers 12 Fellowship awards to exceptional graduate students. Learn more about the fellowships and scholar awards by visiting the graduate awards page.

UC Irvine fellowships

UC Irvine internal fellowships  and diversity fellowships are awards administered by the university’s Graduate Division. Most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements. Students do not apply for these fellowships directly, but are nominated for consideration by the home department.

External fellowship opportunities:

As one of the top doctorate-granting institutions in the United States, the University of California, Irvine fosters a collaborative and innovative research community. Our faculty and graduate students continue to develop new technologies, explore innovative approaches to research challenges, and foster excellence in scholarship. Explore the possibilities and see how UC Irvine can inspire you to make a difference.

Graduate Student Resources

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Professional Development (GPS-STEM)

GPS-STEM (previously, GPS-BIOMED) is a career and professional development program for PhD students & Postdoctoral fellows in STEM. The program is funded by the UC Irvine Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences, Schools of Medicine, Physical Sciences and Engineering plus the provost office. The program aims to better prepare our STEM scientists for a variety of careers within the STEM workforce, and empower them to become not only skilled scientists, but also polished professionals. We work to create, identify, and support innovative approaches to broaden the graduate and postdoctoral training.

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Associated Graduate Students (AGS)

Associated Graduate Students (AGS) at UC Irvine is an association made up for PhD students from all the disciplines at UC Irvine. AGS works towards building a sense of community amongst graduate students and provide career development resources plus peer-peer networking opportunities.

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Post-Doctoral Activities

Postdoctoral scholars play a vital role in supporting UCI’s research mission. Postdocs provide full-time support and expertise for faculty-led research projects, mentor graduate and undergraduate researchers, and – because many come from outside the United States — provide international perspectives in their research areas. As such, UCI values their contributions to the campus and is committed to providing training and networking that helps them get to the next step in their careers. GPS-STEM activities are open to both postdocs and graduate students.

Learn More about Postdoc Association at UCI (UCI-PDA)

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Form, Policies, Procedures

Access essential resources to support your graduate journey, including key forms, academic policies, and diversity initiatives. Find everything from leave requests and childcare reimbursements to mentoring standards and employment guidelines, all designed to help you succeed.