A gift to Dunlop School

July 1, 2020

This nomination is really about more than one person but will boil down to the one who made the difference.

When I was informed from my supervisor that she was leaving, it caused me great anxiety. We all know that losing a supervisor and getting a new supervisor can sometimes be a traumatic experience. I approached our Director of Personnel, Kristen Caplin, with my concerns and I remember her words specifically, “You have me.” Kristen has had my back in the past so I had total confidence in her words and found great comfort in her words.

During a UCPath training session that Kristen and I attended together, I was casually introduced to Christine Lazok-Torres. Little did I know that this person would change my attitude and my life. It immediately became apparent that she and I would get along, as she was going to be my new supervisor. Before we had to leave the campus due to COVID-19, there wasn’t a day that she did not greet me with a smile and an interest in my life. In my 18 years at UCI, I can attest that this is very rare in a supervisor.

My mother passed away March 31, 2020, and she was nothing but understanding and empathetic. I don’t believe anyone else would’ve been so kind and understanding as she was, and I truly appreciate everything that she did for me during that period of time in my life. Because of the way she treats me, I feel like I work harder and I am a better person because she mentors me in a way that no one ever has and it’s a wonderful feeling to feel valued.

I want to thank Kristen Caplin and Sarah McCarthy for choosing Christine Lazok-Torres for this position. She is a blessing to Dunlop School And I thank God every day that she’s my supervisor!