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A Self-less Supervisor and an Incredible Super-Mom

I would like to nominate my supervisor, Dr. Justyna Sosna for her endless dedications and efforts to our lab in McGaugh Hall. She has been an amazing individual who goes out of her way to help us lab technicians and her colleagues either understanding the protocols, troubleshooting an experiment or simply checking up on us. During this sensitive time, having a figure like Dr. Sosna makes coming into work enjoyable and mind easing. Besides taking care of her toddler at home, her caring personality carries over into the lab. She frequently shares her delicious home cooked meals and pastries. Her gratitude for the lab technicians motivates us to work harder everyday.

Dr. Sosna, we just wanted to let you know all the things you have done for our lab do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your hard work from the bottom of our hearts!

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