School of Biological Sciences Faculty Member Writes New Textbook to Better Instruct His Students

November 30, 2015

Striedter.4Seven years ago, Dr. Georg Striedter, a professor in the department of Neurobiology and Behavior, began working on a new textbook to help teach the difficult concepts of functional neuroanatomy to his students. What began as a simple reworking of his course curriculum soon morphed into the complex generation of a new textbook.

“Working on the book while maintaining a research program and teaching was very difficult.” Says professor Striedter.

The textbook entitled “Neurobiology: A Functional Approach,” will be published by Oxford University Press. The book has passed a rigorous external review process consisting of over more than 80 different reviewers providing feedback on 3-4 chapters at a time, often across multiple revisions. The completion of the textbook is just the beginning of the process. It will take a few years to determine how successful this project has been.

“Now that the book is done I feel hugely relieved, almost incredulous that it has actually happened.” said professor Striedter, “In the meantime, I know I did my best (as did the publisher), and I get to enjoy using the book in my own classes.