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Better Ways to Manage Urban Stormwater Runoff

81cc076e-00a5-4849-9541-73b8bcffde58In a recent study published in the journal of Environmental Science & Technology, featured in Science Daily, Professor Peter Bowler, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and director of the school’s arboretum, along with his colleagues from three UC campuses (UCI, UCLA and UC San Diego) and Australia’s University of Melbourne; water managers from Orange County Public Works; and engineers from consulting firm Michael Baker International, laid out a plan of innovative solutions for urban population centers to fulfill their water needs, and protect natural stream ecosystems. With the recent drought in California, water has become an even more valuable commodity. As such, any instance of rain-fall for the state must by handled with great care to make the most of the increased precipitation. Professor Bowler and the international team of experts purposed a series of low-impact development technologies to help the state afford wasting precious stormwater as a means of optimizing water usage after a rain-fall. The innovative suggestions proposed by Professor Bowler and colleagues could help us save water and protect the environment. Read article here.

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