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Biological Sciences Student Council Winter Soirée

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The School of Biological Sciences Student Council (BSC) held their annual Winter Soirée in February to promote dialog between faculty and students.  The event, in Natural Sciences I, hosted over 110 student guests, 40 BSC members and 14 faculty members. In his remarks, Dean LaFerla highlighted the importance of communication between students and faculty to the continued success of the school. Following the dean’s remarks, eager students engaged faculty members in conversation about academic success and scientific careers.

The BSC is an undergraduate organization that aims to promote academic resources, student advocacy and community and otherwise improve the student experience both academically and socially. The organization was founded in 2012 and has since grown to include over 60 members, including an executive board. The organization is composed of four different divisions; 1) Division of Academic Affairs, 2) Division of Community Affairs, 3) Division of Public Relations, 4) Division of Student Affairs, each designed to provide a specific need to the Biological Sciences School undergraduate student community. The Division of Academic Affairs works to provide students with academic and career-related resources, and the Division of Community Affairs aims to promote student and faculty services to the greater campus community. The Division of Public Relations ensures that the organization is effectively communicating its goals to the school community, and the Division of Student Affairs strives to act as a voice for student advocacy.

According to Matt Tsai, BSA co-president, “The BSC considers much of what it does to be an act of service and leadership within the Biological Sciences School.  When I joined BSC at the end of my freshman year, I saw an opportunity to challenge myself as a student leader, while taking a proactive role in serving the Biological Sciences School community. Of course, I had never imagined BSC would grow to be as strong and vibrant a community of student leaders as it is today.”

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