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New Insights into Mechanisms Governing Cancer Development


Professor Wenqi Wang (Developmental and Cell Biology) and his collaborators, have provided new mechanistic insights into protein tyrosine phosphorylation, a critical cellular event that is carried out, in part, by enzymes called protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). PTPs are frequently mutated in various human cancers, suggesting that they have important roles in tumor suppression.  Professor Wang and his team performed a detailed association study and identified proteins that interacted with the human PTP family.  Their results connected the PTP family with cellular functions whose associations were previously unclear. This study provides the first glimpse into the complex protein interaction network for PTP family, and links PTPs to a number of novel cellular functions that may shed light on the development of human diseases like cancer.

Other researchers who contributed to the study were: Xu Li, Kim My Tran, Kathryn E. Aziz, Alexey Sorokin, and Junjie Chen.  The complete study results can be found online in the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.

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