Community Spotlight – Joanna Gerry, class of 1995

April 29, 2015

Community-Spotlight-Joanna-Gerry-Paul-150Biological Sciences School Alumna Joanna Gerry is currently involved in assuring that pharmaceutical and device employers are complying with global standards, regulations, clinical trials, and drug development. She is responsible for performing audits all over the world, as well as working on projects designed to ensure companies are vigilant about their products’ global safety.

As an undergraduate, Gerry was able to study abroad in Granada, Spain, write for the New University, participate in the on-campus Christian group “CRU”, volunteer with the American Diabetes Association, and create her own research opportunities within the UCI Medical Center’s Genetic Counseling department.

After graduating in 1995 with her biological sciences degree from the Biological Sciences School, Gerry went on to work as a Quality Assurance technician for a medical device company. Gerry explains that while working at this entry-level profession, she realized the importance of her biological science degree as it pertained to a regulated working environment.

Six years after UCI, Gerry completed her Master’s degree in Public Health at UCLA while working as a full time clinical researcher, with her gravitating career toward the regulatory requirements involved with pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Gerry recently married a biostatistician, who loves clinical research as much as she does! Both are raising a dog, Louie. They spend their free time camping, running, becoming active at their church, debating healthcare reform, stem cell research, and from time-to-time, partaking in a cup of Kean’s Coffee in Newport.