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From Research Assistant to Biotech Entrepreneur

Charles “Charlie” Dunlop, founder of Ambry Genetics, sat down with Dean Frank LaFerla for a unique Biological Sciences School Dean’s Distinguished Lecture on March 1st. This special Q&A between Dunlop, Dean LaFerla and the audience, addressed Dunlop’s early years as a fun-loving surfer and physics aficionado during the beginning of his college career at the University of California, San Diego. He shared personal stories about starting the business in small office above a Harley Davidson store, his commitment to growing Ambry, building a team of peak-performing associates and finally, the recent sale of the company for close to $1 billion. The large and diverse crowd of students, researchers and entrepreneurs, had several interesting queries, which helped drive an insightful discussion painting an informative picture into the struggles and hard work it takes to build a successful business. The lecture concluded with a Hawaiian-themed reception and more informal Q&A between Dunlop and the remaining guests.

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