Visualizing the Inner Workings of Health and Disease with Ian Parker

May 10, 2017

On April 18th, the School of Biological Sciences was honored to host Professor Ian Parker (Neurobiology and Behavior) for the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Professor Parker’s lecture was held in collaboration with UCI Illuminations and was accompanied by an exhibition of his photographic work.

In his lecture, titled “You can see a lot just be looking: Visualizing the inner workings of health and disease,” Professor Parker discussed his research that centers on the investigation of factors underlying how cells send and receive chemical signals. He discussed several projects that he has been working on over the years, which included projects visualizing changes in cell signaling in response to treatments with an Alzheimer’s disease related protein, and work investigating a new means of communication by cancer cells. To help accomplish his research goals, he has developed several novel imaging instruments and techniques that have been essential to his research.

After his lecture, he joined the audience at the Viewpoint Gallery in the University Student Center to answer questions about his photography that was on display. In addition to his passion for science, he has used his knowledge of imaging and optics to capture stunning photos of landscapes in Africa, Australia, South and Central America and the United States.