Dr. Fowler- Tenure Seminar

Neurobiology and Behavior Tenure Seminar

Friday, November 22 at 1PM

Dale Melbourne Herklotz Conference Center, Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Building 506 on the campus map)


Christie Fowler, PhD

Department of Neurobiology and Behavior


Uncovering the Neurobiological Mechanisms of Nicotine Addiction


Abstract: Nicotine addiction remains one of the leading causes of disease and death worldwide. In this talk, Dr. Fowler will highlight her recent findings elucidating sex-specific, developmental effects of nicotine and cannabinoids on later drug taking, cognitive and affective behaviors in adulthood. She will then describe evidence for the implications of altered cholinergic tone in mediating drug taking behaviors in adulthood. Next, she will discuss her studies that have identified a novel drug compound for tobacco cessation, which targets nicotine metabolism to decrease volitional drug intake. Finally, Dr. Fowler will discuss her discovery of nicotine-mediated effects on extracellular vesicle signaling in the brain, which represents a previously unrecognized source of intercellular communication. Taken together, these contributions to the field have increased our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying nicotine addiction and have further provided a foundation for future therapeutic approaches to promote nicotine and tobacco cessation.