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Heading off concussions

Professor James Hicks, director of UCI’s Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative, leads novel probe of impact injuries in water polo

JamesW_Hicks_155LAs a result of ongoing probes into the short- and long-term effects of concussions in football, other sports are looking into whether additional steps can be taken to protect their athletes. Among them is water polo, and a novel research venture that includes UC Irvine scientists, coaches and athletes is helping.

The effort got rolling when James Hicks – a scientist, avid fan and father of three sons who played the sport – searched an NCAA database for concussion information related to water polo. But his inquiry came up empty.

“There was none,” says Hicks, professor of ecology & evolutionary biology at UC Irvine. “And given UCI’s historic place in the sport and the collaborative mission of the university, it became clear that we should take on this issue.”

Read the full story at uci.edu here.

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