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The Key to Longevity Shared at Allergan Lecture

Kawas Allergan lecture_IMG_2378_155px_finalPeople over 90 are now the fastest-growing segment of the population and research on this group is the key to understanding longevity and how to maintain vibrant brain health. Dr. Claudia Kawas, Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology and Behavior at UC Irvine, gave a riveting lecture on The 90+ Study to a packed crowd of more than 300 community members as a part of the Allergan Lecture Series in Modern Biology on October 30.

Dr. Kawas shared the findings one of the largest population-based studies of oldest-old in the world, based in Leisure World, Laguna Woods, California. Among the amazing facts uncovered is that people who exercised up to 45-minutes a day lived longer than those who didn’t, and moderate alcohol consumption was associated with living longer compared to those who did not consume alcohol. For more on The 90+ Study, check out the 60 Minutes segment here http://www.cbsnews.com/news/living-to-90-and-beyond/.


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