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Lessons From the Oldest-Old: The 90+ Study

On February 23rd, the School of Biological Sciences was honored to have Professor Claudia H. Kawas (Neurobiology and Behavior and Neurology) give an insightful lecture on her groundbreaking work studying the fastest growing segment of our population, people over 90 years of age.

A neurologist and Alzheimer’s researcher, Professor Kawas seeks to identify the lifestyle choices that lead to longevity and a healthy brain.  Her lecture, part of the Schools Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, shared the ongoing results of her study involving over 1,600 individuals over the age of 90 that lived in Leisure World in Laguna Woods California.  Attendees were given insights into lifestyle choices to avoid beyond the age of 80, sorry couch potatoes, as well as choices to continue, including small amounts of your favorite wine daily or a few times a week, and gaining weight. It is Professor Kawas’ hope that her research will help extend the quality of life for millions, and allow us to enter our golden years with dignity.

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