Marlyd Mejia

October 19, 2020

Alumna What makes a degree from Dunlop School so valuable?

The faculty in the Dunlop School department at UCI are amazing. Studying at UCI not only allowed me to build my foundational understanding of biological concepts from experts, but it allowed me to interact directly with them and see how a scientist thinks. There were many moments when I felt like I was in the presence of a great, and that has only increased since my graduation. I have so much respect for the PIs and their research. When I say I got my degree from Dunlop School, I am saying that I trained under top-quality researchers. It speaks for itself and I wear it proudly! Advice for incoming Dunlop School students? Advice for graduating Dunlop School students? 

Find someone who knows the path to the career you want or are interested in, and listen to their experiences. There are many things you can prepare ahead of time, get experience in, or take advantage of while an undergrad (some of which are only available to you now- you just have to be aware of them). I was privileged to have a PI who knew of my desire to go to grad school. She was then able to give me responsibilities in the lab that would train me for graduate school and make me a more competitive applicant. If you aren’t sure what you’ll do next, attend seminars on campus. It’s possible you’ll connect with someone there and be presented with your new path!

For those who are graduating, don’t be fixated on leaving and, therefore, neglect what you have right now. UCI is a great institution with great organizations and great people. Take advantage of the ARC, campus orgs, campus events, proximity to UTC and the beaches, and close community with friends. Keep pushing through the last few months of applications (whether to industry or academia or anywhere else), research, and classes – give it your best. End off on a strong note, but make it memorable. Why do you feel it is important to give back to the Dunlop School community?

Even as a transfer who only spent two years as an Anteater, my life was greatly impacted at UCI. There was a lot that I had to quickly figure out regarding course requirements and myself. I want to help other students make the most of their time at UCI, whether they have four years or less before their next stage in life. I hope to guide future graduates so that they can do more in their time at UCI, take advantage of many programs UCI offers, and come out in a better position to benefit society. My hope is that those currently in the Dunlop School community will do the same for those that follow them. > I am Dunlop School Homepage