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Meet our 2013 Leadership Scholar – Esther Kim

Welcome back Anteaters and Bio Sci majors! With another exciting year ahead, we want to kick this year off with a feature on one of our own, who is heading into her senior year as the 2013 Leadership Scholar.

Esther Kim preferred_4982 smEsther Kim is an Irvine native with aspirations of becoming a doctor – and the biological sciences senior is one step closer to her dream after taking the MCATs in early September and receiving the 2013 Leadership Scholar Award for outstanding students in biological sciences.

“It is so unbelievably encouraging to receive a scholarship of this magnitude,” said Esther. She was selected from a pool of top biological sciences majors in their junior year by the School’s Dean’s Leadership Council (DLC), a 15-member board consisting of alumni, industry leaders and other community friends who interface with the Dean and School leadership on issues such as admissions, curriculum, research, alumni relations, advocacy and community relations.

“To think that a group of highly successful individuals selected me from all of the qualified applicants and invested in my future, is motivating me to work that much harder to achieve my goals and prove them right.”

Esther says the funds will make a tremendous difference in her senior year. “Being able to tell my parents that my senior year is basically paid for is really gratifying because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to put everything I have into school, internships and volunteer activities.”

In addition to Esther’s full course load during her senior year, she is continuing her undergraduate research at UCI Medical Center in trauma and working as the commissioner for Anteaters in Action where she is working on expanding undergraduate community service opportunities. In September, Esther worked closely with the Vice President of Administrative Affairs to host UCI’s first annual community service event UC I Give Back. This past summer, as a part of Esther’s volunteer work, she participated in Flying Samaritans where she volunteered at a free health clinic in Tecate, Mexico. In addition, Esther is continuing to work for ASUCI as a Festivals Commission Intern where she helps foster school spirit through the campus’ biggest events including Shocktoberfest.

How does she manage it all? “My best piece of advice is to experience as much as you can without getting distracted from your goals. Focus on what you’re passionate about and make sure you have a great network of support around you; friends, mentors, family, etc.” Esther shared.

“UCI is a big campus but if you [as a student] use resources available to you and take initiative with your academics, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.”

We wish Esther and all Biological Sciences Majors the best of luck in the new school year!

To learn more about how you can support students in Biological Sciences, please contact Andrew DiNuzzo at 949.824.2734 or adinuzzo@uci.edu.


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