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Mentor Program Complements Classroom Learning

The Biological Sciences School kicked off the 2017-2018 BioSci Mentor Program this November with a celebratory dinner featuring BioSci alumna and keynote speaker, Dr. Tina Nova, the founder and CEO of Molecular Stethoscope, Inc. Dr. Nova spoke to mentors and students about the value of mentoring and finding the right mentors. Since 2001, the program has supported two critical goals – it augments the classroom and research training BioSci students receive with career mentoring, and it serves as a conduit to maintain strong connections with our BioSci alumni and friends.

A hundred and ten students and seventy-nine mentors enrolled in this year’s BioSci Mentor Program, one of the largest groups since the program’s creation. With such tremendous participation, the Mentor Program continues to be an engaging way alumni and friends support the School and its students. If you are interested in becoming a future mentor to Biological Sciences School students or would like information about the program, please go to www.bio.uci.edu/mentor-program or contact Victoria Stephens at biosci-mentor@uci.edu.

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