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New Associate Dean to Help with Growing Research Budget

Research is at the heart of the mission of UCI and the School of Biological Sciences. The University received the second-highest total of research dollars in its history, and seeks to continue this momentum. Recognizing the critical role that innovation also plays, the Biological Sciences School was the first school to create the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation position, which has been filled by Professor Brandon S. Gaut. Associate Dean Gaut will oversee research development efforts, and serve as the School’s liaison with Applied Innovation to partner discoveries in biology with the business community.

Professor Gaut has been with UCI since 1998, and has garnered extensive administrative experience during that time. He has served on numerous school and campus committees over the years, including as Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from 2006 to 2012. As such, he has an impeccable understanding of the policies and procedures of the university, and will be able to provide advice and counsel to deal with and solve problems for our faculty while seeking extramural funding. In addition to being an effective administrator, Professor Gaut is an exceptional scientist who has published over 140 research articles and has an outstanding history of securing external research support, which will no doubt be an important benefit in his new role.

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