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New Leadership in BioSci

On behalf of the BioSci family, we would like to send warmest congratulations to our new faculty leadership. Neurobiology and BehaviorProfessor Karina Cramerhas been appointed the new associate dean for academic personnel; Professor Kavita Arora will now serve as the new chair of the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology; and Professor Lee Bardwell has been appointed the new vice chair of Developmental and Cell Biology. Each individual transitioned into their new role as of July 1, 2020.  

 A superb neuroscientist, Professor Karina Cramer joined the school in 2002. She continues to maintained significant external research support and mentor postdoctoral scholars and graduate studentsIn her new position as associate dean for academic personnel, she will play an essential role in ensuring transparency and equity in our faculty recruitment, review and promotion processes. She will also facilitate the processing of all the school’s academic personnel and personnel-related activities. 

 Professor Kavita Arora served as vice chair of Developmental and Cell Biology from 2008 to 2020. In addition, she served on several Senate committees, including Graduate Council, chair of CTLSE, as well as on the School of Biological Sciences Executive Committee and Undergraduate Cabinet. An expert geneticist, Professor Arora is also a dedicated teacher and co-director of the Genetics Majors program at the school. As chair, she will focus on recruiting new faculty working at the forefront of developmental and cell biology, continuing the department culture of innovative student-centered teaching and maintaining a climate that is hospitable to creativity, diversity, and innovation. 

 Professor Lee Bardwell began his tenure at BioSci in 1998. He is a cancer biologist whose research involves the study of conserved signaling pathways that control growth, development and responses to stress. Since his time in the department, Professor Bardwell served on several school committees including the Faculty Executive Committee, the Awards Committee and the Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program admissions committee. In his new role as vice chair, he will primarily oversee faculty curricular duties and promote educational scholarship. 

Please join me in wishing these esteemed academicians heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for continued success in their new roles in the School of Biological Sciences. 

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