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Protecting the Environment Through Ecotourism

The Pangea World manifesto is based on the “Tourism for Conservation through Research” (TCR) economic-development model. Through their collective efforts, Pangea World and its partners are offering an unparalleled opportunity to purchase close to 1,800 acres of pristine property on three islands directly off Panama’s pacific coast. Collectively designated as Islas Cayonetas, this “microcosm” of land represents a model sustainable economy due to the value of the region’s natural heritage. The islands have the capacity to house profitable endeavors, ranging from an exclusive resort to an extraordinary private estate. However, most of the islands’ land will remain undeveloped. Ecological research conducted on Islas Cayonetas has already demonstrated that the islands collectively represent the natural heritage of biodiversity similar to that seen in the Galápagos islands, and should provide a trove of wonders for potential buyers for decades to come.

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