Regeneration and Pattern of Stem Cells Featured at Dean’s Distinguished Lecture

March 20, 2015

DDL_Susan_Bryant_podium_155LA sold out crowd of nearly 400 attended the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture on March 5, on Regeneration – Patter – Stem Cells” featuring Professor Susan V. Bryant, Developmental and Cell Biology and former Dean of the Biological Sciences School.

Professor Bryant’s lecture discussed how cells behave in response to injury and can enable regeneration of lost body parts. She and her collaborators have been able to identify many common features of development and regeneration in animals and have discovered signals that trigger the regeneration response in salamanders. Professor Bryant is working towards identifying these regeneration-enabling signals to support progress in the eventual application of these molecules towards enhancement of human repair mechanisms.

Join us for the next Dean’s Distinguished Lecture on May 7, 2015 featuring Professor John C. Avise, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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