ReMIND Highlights Emerging Scientists at UCI

March 11, 2016

IMG_1725On February 25th, ReMIND (Research and Education of Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders) hosted their annual Emerging Scientists Symposium on the 4th floor of Gross Hall. The symposium showcased some of the exceptional research occurring at the School of Biological Sciences. Predoctoral students and postdoctoral scholars presented their research during a two-hour poster session. Presentations covered topics ranging from: stem cell biology to neurodegenerative disease.

Awards were given to the top presenters of the day. The first and second place predoctoral student awards went to Zach M. Reagh (PI: Michael A. Yassa, Ph.D.) and Alli Haskell (PI: Kim Green, Ph.D.), while the first and second place postdoctoral scholar awards went to Lindsay A. Hohsfield, Ph.D. (PI: Kim Green, Ph.D.) and Janine L. Kwapis, Ph.D. (PI: Marcelo A. Wood, Ph.D.).

The day concluded with a keynote address by Jeanne F. Loring, Ph.D., entitled; “Secret Lives of Stem Cells: Genomics Epigenetics, and Cell Replacement Therapy.” Dr. Loring is a professor of Developmental Neurobiology and the Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. She is a world renowned stem cell biologist and an expert in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) biology. During her presentation, Dr. Loring discussed the progress her lab has made towards the development of stem cell transplantation therapy for Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Her presentation provided a close look at the many steps it takes to develop such cutting-edge technology. She concluded her talk with information on a high-risk collaborative project with the San Diego Zoo. Dr. Loring and researchers at the Zoo plan to use stem cell technology to help rescue the endangered northern white rhino.