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Staff Spotlight: Kristen L. Caplin

caplinKristen has been with UC for over 15 years and with the Biological Sciences School for over 9 years. Prior to joining UCI, she was a member of the administrative staff at UC Berkeley. In her role as personnel director, Kristen oversees all academic and staff personnel and payroll function in the Biological Sciences School and serves on various personnel related committees on campus.  When asked about what she enjoys most about working at the Biological Sciences School, Kristen replied, “I enjoy working with all the different people in the school and collaborating with the various units and departments.” She went on to add, “I also enjoy the professional growth opportunities that working in the school has provided. I feel like I learn something new every day and truly enjoy that challenge.

Kristen L. Caplin has a Bachelor of Arts degree and her teaching credential from California State University, Chico. Before working at UC Berkeley, she spent several years as a teacher. “I have always valued education, and I feel so proud to work for an organization where education, research and service are a primary mission of that organization.”

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