Student Spotlight – Drake Dinh

April 29, 2015

STudent-Spotlight--Drake-Dinh--150Drake Dinh is a fourth-year Biological Sciences major, specializing in Pharmacology. Coming from a low-income family, Drake was uncertain if he would have the means to attend a four-year university. However, thanks to scholarship support, his dream was made possible.

“Being able to get a top notch education and stay close to my home and family made UCI an easy choice for me to attend,” shared Drake.

Drake has been involved with undergraduate research in the Biological Sciences School for over 2.5 years studying the involvement of endogenous cannabinoid signaling molecules in neuropsychiatric conditions, such as autism and drug addiction. He shares that it’s been fascinating taking the knowledge from his classes and applying them into a research lab.

Drake made most of his experience at UCI by joining the Flying Samaritans Club. Serving as the club’s Vice President, he has helped set up free medical clinics in the city of El Testerazo. During these trips, Drake has been able to practice his skills in pharmacy and work side by side with the volunteer doctors to deliver health care to those who do not have access to it.

Upon graduation this Spring, Drake plans to pursue a doctor of pharmacy degree at UC San Francisco, with ultimate dreams of becoming a community pharmacist who serves people who do not have access to readily available health care.

“I would advise students to take advantage of all the resources UCI has to offer – from the mentorship program, research opportunities, and countless clubs, there are so many ways for students to grow as scholars,” added Drake. “Search out and talk to professionals in your field of interest! They have so much knowledge and experience, and are often eager to mentor you.”



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