Student Spotlight – Rintu Saju

March 10, 2016

Rintu_SajuRintu Saju is a second-year Biological Sciences major at the Biological Sciences School. Since joining the School, Rintu has excelled in his academic studies and dedicated a substantial amount of his time to community service. He serves as a student director for the Global Health Research, Education, and Translation (GHREAT) program. As co-director, Rintu acts as a liaison between faculty and students to raise awareness of global health issues. In addition to serving as co-director of GHREAT, Rintu is a student coordinator for the Diversity in Medicine (DIM) program. One of Rintu’s responsibilities within DIM is to work with his fellow coordinators to organize the “Disparities in Healthcare” lecture course. The course is designed to help inform and engage students about healthcare at the national and international level.

Since high school, Rintu has been educating himself on global issues and as a result, joined his high school’s Model UN program and is still an active member of the program at UCI. As a member of UCI’s Model UN program, Rintu will serve as one of the Secretaries-General (SG) for the 24th Annual UCI Model UN High School conference this year. He will help organize the conference by connecting with faculty advisers from participating high schools and coordinating with his fellow anteaters to provide a memorable experience for the students. Inspired by his experiences in the Model UN program, Rintu has also joined the International Model UN Association (IMUNA), which gives him the opportunity to help educate high school students about current global issues. Just this past year, Rintu has helped organize the Regional High School Model UN conference as one of IMUNA’s committee directors.

In addition to his academic and university involvements, Rintu loves hiking, playing volleyball, exploring new boba places and just staying home and binge watching TV shows.