Team Marcomm

By Regina

Just like a team of athletes working together in different roles to win a game, our team has always been able to complete projects and goals no matter what conflicts arise. At the end, our mutual respect for one another (and sense of humor) is what makes us work well together. This is why I appreciate you ALL because together we make the #DreamTeam when our powers combine! Here’s my top 5 reasons… complete with GIFs.?

1. Always Give it 110%

Victoria – Your attention to detail amazes me, and I don’t just mean your exceptional editing abilities or the way you write directions because you are SO GOOD at it! You always take the time to make sure every detail of a project or event is executed correctly. No matter what type of event—large, small or virtual—you make sure to get it done 110%. This is what separates you from the standard employee that only does what is expected and makes YOU the BEST at what you do. I know you also have a wealth of experience in marketing, too, and I know it’s WHY your events are always on point! You are valued and I know since working with you, I have learned new perspectives and a lot about event management that I didn’t know happened behind the scenes.

2. Knowledgeable but Humble

Rahasson – I’ve enjoyed working with you and learning the ropes of BioSci. Your experience as an alum, working as a scientist in BioSci and now a staff member in our team makes you an excellent resource. With your guidance, I have learned more about the departments, the research and how to properly represent it on the website and digital channels. You are intelligent and very knowledgeable to say the least, but you are humble and so witty, too. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions anytime I need a layman’s explanation and how we just laugh away any problem or issue that we see pop up. You are definitely the most chill in the marcomm pack and help keep our vibes in check.

3. Jack of All Trades

Wes – Where do I start? You are so awesome and patient. In the two years I have been here I have seen you grow so much in everything that you do…especially your video production and photography! As a “creative person”, I know how easy it is for “non-creatives” to think all we do is “make things pretty”. Sure, we do a lot of that, but there is A LOT of thought that goes into creating that perfect shot, making sure the sound and light is just right and also keeping up the with creative software, technology and equipment. You are a jack of all trades, and truly an essential person in our team, but most importantly, you are also a great human. I really appreciate you helping me out when we were in Berkeley and my tooth was determined to kill me. You showed me a lot of kindness… and I will never forget it.

4. Learn On the Fly

Lizzy – I am so proud of all your recent accomplishments and who you are becoming. You’re willing to listen, be patient and take the time to learn best practices. These skills, along with your artsy and analytical mind, will propel your career. I admire your adaptability and dedication to learning new skills. Since COVID-19 remote work started, you took on the responsibilities of content and digital marketing head on and quickly learned how to use WordPress and all the page editors. With very minimal guidance, you have created some amazing graphics for social and all of our BioSci websites. Your style helps me stay fresh and consider new ways of designing. I truly enjoy brainstorming ideas, working on digital projects and your cheesy jokes.

5. Lead with Compassion

Shannon –  I have had different types of managers and worked for different bosses, some nice and some not so much, some completely disengaged and some that like to micromanage, but you are the first “leader” I have worked for. Great leaders are like captains of a ship and willing to go down with it if needed. You celebrate us when things are good and also join us as equals when trials and struggles come up. Your positivity and optimism is always a joy to have around. A+ for all of that and thank you for being a mentor to me. Between you and Benedicte, you two inspire me simply by all you have accomplished.

Thanks for Being Awesome

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