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Thank you, Maggie!!

By Vicki

Maggie Davis is a superstar!! Since COVID hit, she has been nothing short of BioSci’s unsung hero! While most of us are working exclusively from home, Maggie goes to campus early in the mornings, once a week every week, to make sure that Neurobiology and Behavior (NBB) is functioning without interruption. She checks emails and prepares paperwork for key distribution before making her way to Facilities Management and the lock shop. She collects, packages and then delivers the keys to the labs so they can do their important work. She also picks up all NBB mail for the week from across campus, sorts it, and delivers it to the many NBB mailboxes all over BioSci. By midday, NBB is well underway and Maggie quietly heads back home. Pre-COVID, she did all this throughout the day, five days a week. Working alone and ever efficiently, Maggie strives to make sure her work is complete, accurate and seamless to best serve NBB and her team. Thank you, Maggie, for all you do – I truly appreciate you!!

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