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Biology for a Better World

Every 15 years, a billion people are added to our planet. There are a myriad of issues facing us today and more on the horizon that we have only begun to address. From sustainability to disease to energy, some of the most innovative and effective solutions will be created through biology.

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As one of the world’s most renowned biological science institutions, the UCI School of Biological Sciences is shaping the future for generations to come. Students and faculty alike have access to world-class facilities and technology that empower their groundbreaking work. This continues the School’s founding philosophy of innovation, an approach that uses interdisciplinary studies to create new paths to discovery.

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What our students and faculty do here is nothing short of amazing. The best and brightest minds of our generation are working to solve the real-world issues that affect every single one of us. But we cannot do it alone. The breakthroughs being made here rely in part on outside resources and the generosity of others. Your support today will ensure a healthier tomorrow.