YearArticle TitlePage No.Featured Individual(s)DesignationArticle TopicKeywords
2022A Giant Leap for Depression Research6,7Frank M. LaFerla, PhD Michael J. Stamos Pramod KhargonekarDean, BioSci Dean, School of Medicine Vice Chancellor of ResearchNow, thanks to a $55 million gift from the estate of Audrey Steele Burnand, UCI will soon be making inroads in the study and treatment of depression.Depression, research, grant
2022The Mind Connection8,9UCI MINDN/AThis past year, BioSci researchers developed a new genetically engineered mouse model based on the most common form of Alzheimer’s disease, an advancement that holds promise for making new strides against the diseases cases continue to soar.Alzheimer’s, Mouse Model, UCI Mind
2022The Science Behind Maternal Grief10,11Michael Yassa, PhD Dr. Tallie Z. BaramFaculty Distinguished Professor of PediatricsBaram and Yassa examined fMRI scans of willing participants and what they found corroborated the mothers’ accounts of what amounted to serious cognitive issues. They saw that indeed the wiring of their brains looked remarkably different from the brains of those who did not experience child loss.Maternal, Grief, Neurobiology
2022The Best Way to Grow Old12,13Dr. Claudia Kawas Josh Grill, PhDCo-Principal Investigator, 90+ Study FacultyDr. Kawas and Professor Grill aim to understand how and shed light on ways in which everyone else might better their chances at living long and healthy lives.Aging, wellness, neurobiology
2022Bugged About Climate Change14,15Kailen Mooney, PhDFacultyProfessor Mooney and his colleagues have been looking at how climate change and other human impacts affect insects in Southern California coastal sage scrublands.Climate change, insects, plants
2022Making it Personal: Climate Change in Your Backyard16,17Travis Huxman, PhDFacultyTo make climate change more of a public priority, it is paramount that we educate the average person on how climate change will impact individuals.Climate change, education, future
2022Proud Heritage, Bright Future18,19 Quinn Arius IñiguezStudentA first-generation Mexican American, Iñiguez recognized how fortunate he was to work toward a degree, so he made sure he found the best opportunityFirst-gen, student life, EASE
2022Transforming the Learning Experience, From Classroom to Office Hours20,21Brian Sato Rachael M. Barry, PhDFacultyKnown as “active learning,” this approach and other academic innovations are crucial to how BioSci is shaping education to train biologists to solve the future’s great challenges.Active learning, academic, innovation
2022A Passion for Graduate Students22, 23 R. Michael Mulligan, PhD Craig Walsh, PhDFormer Associate Dean of Graduate Education Associate Dean of Graduate EducationIn stepping away from the post this year, Professor Mulligan leaves BioSci in a superb position to continue its trajectory in graduate education under his successor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Professor Craig Walsh.graduate, leadership, mentoring
2022A Great Time is Part of Great Graduate Education24,25 Craig Walsh, PhDAssociate Dean of Graduate EducationAs Professor Walsh assumes the role of BioSci associate dean of graduate education this year, a major focus is constantly enhancing the student experience. Doing so will help reinforce the School’s standing as the ultimate destination for life sciences graduate education, he says.Graduate, student, enhance
2022The Benefits of Diversity to Society and Science26,27Michael Yassa, PhD (pictured)Dean of ODEIOver the last year, ODEI has collected comprehensive data, which informed several new initiatives, including student-led mentoring programs, inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ community, outreach programs to K-12 students, and educational and training activities focusing on diversity and inclusion.Diversity, equity, initiatives
2022An Evergreen Interest in Research28,29Anne Johansen, PhD Annele Virtanen, PhD Barbara Finlayson Pitts, PhD Celia Faiola, PhDFaculty, Central Washington University Faculty, University of Eastern Finland Faculty FacultyAmong the plant emission processes that Professor Faiola’s lab studies include understanding how plant volatile emissions will adjust in a changing climate, and how the chemical interactions of dozens of emitted compounds compare to existing predictive climate change models that were built from studies of much simpler chemical systems.Ecology, climate, plants
2022Leading the Virus Hunters30,31Thomas Lane, PhDFacultyProfessor Lane now leads the UCI Center for Virus Research after studying coronaviruses for over two decades.Coronavirus, immune system, health
2022The Evolution of Activities in Retirement32,33 John C. Avise, PhDRetired FacultyWhen Avise is not photographing birds or writing letters of recommendation, he can be found tending to his garden in University Hills and planning post-pandemic travel.Retirement, photography, wildlife
20222021-2022 Faculty Retirement37Peter Bowler, PhDRetired FacultyAs a biologist and environmental educator, Professor Bowler guided countless students through Southern California’s ecosystems, many Earth Day tree-planting events, 16 annual Colorado River canoe trips, and numerous hikes, grunion runs and foraging sessions. He also taught various subjects such as limnology and freshwater biology, restoration ecology, sustainable landscaping, environmental ethics, desert ecosystems, and more.Retirement, marsh, ecology
2022In Memoriam39Frances Lynn Carpenteremerita professorFrances Lynn Carpenter, emerita professor and the first female faculty in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, was a dedicated ecologist whose research included the foraging patterns of hummingbirds and reforestation, for which she was most known.Memoriam, hummingbirds, emerita
2022Giving Back to Move Students Forward44David Abiva Amelia Ooi Olivia StroudMentor Mentee associate director of developmentBy connecting mentors and mentees like David and Amelia, BioSci offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to explore career paths, receive personalized guidance, and develop an appreciation for the value of mentorship.Mentor, mentee, guidance
2022A Gift That Keeps on Giving46,47Hung Fan Michael FeldmanProfessor Emeritus, Donor DonorThis generous gift from Professor Fan and his husband, Michael Feldman, — their largest gift to date — will fund vital research projects and programs for years to, impact, endowments
2021New Associate Deanship Furthers Commitment to Social Justice6,7Michael Yassa, PhD Raven Baxter, PhDAssociate dean of diversity, equity & inclusion Director of diversity initiativesTo address the growing call for social reform, BioSci decided to develop a comprehensive approach to improving institutional policies and practices. In October 2020, the school established the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or ODEI, headed by a new associate dean dedicated to this crucial reform, policy, comprehensive
2021Pandemic’s Remote Learning is Shaping Instruction for the Future8,9Brian Sato, PhD Pavan Kadandale, PhD Raju Metherate, PhDFaculty Faculty Associate Dean of Undergraduate EducationAs the world moves toward a new normal, many institutions are looking at whether changes they made during the pandemic could enrich in an ongoing way the communities they serve. At the School of Biological Sciences, we are closely examining this question as part of our responsibility to provide the best possible education.pandemic, education, community
2021Speaker Urges Class of 2021 to Change the World10Angeline Dukes, MScPhD CandidateBelieve in yourself. Help others. Commit to ending systemic racism. This call to BioSci’s Class of 2021 came from commencement speaker Angeline Dukes, MSc., a neuroscience PhD candidate at the school.racism, commencement, help others
2021“If You Believe, You Can Do It” Says BioSci’s Youngest 2021 Grad13Kylie MunsonStudentKylie Mudson, 15 year old UCI BioSci grad, discusses her fast journey to a bachelor of science in biology.journey, bachelor’s
2021Innovative Science Powers COVID-19 Vaccines14Ilhem Messaoudi, PhDFacultyVaccinations were vital for fighting many diseases throughout the 20th century and are proving their power now during the pandemic. We are thankful for the hardworking people who save lives and make history by developing and testing COVID-19 vaccines.vaccine, diseases, pandemic
2021The Many Faces of SARS-COV-2 and COVID-1916,17Michael Buchmeier, PhDFacultyViruses mutate as they move from host to host, and mutations occur due to the error-borne nature of RNA replication and because of this, we must continue to remain vigilant in tracking mutations of the virus and steadfast in implementing our safety protocols.mutations, RNA, virus
2021Penetrating Long COVID’s Brain Fog18Thomas Lane, PhDFacultyFaculty including Neurobiology and Behavior Chancellor’s Professor Thomas Lane are working to uncover what causes “long COVID”.COVID, nerves, brain fog
2021Building a Better Mouse Model to Understand SARS-COV-220Eric Pearlman, PhD Grant MacGregor, PhD Kim Green, PhD Thomas Lane, PhDFaculty, UCI School of Medicine Faculty Faculty FacultyScientists from the UCI School of Biological Sciences and the UCI School of Medicine are working together to develop animal models that will help uncover COVID-19’s mechanisms and fight the symptomsCOVID-19, animal model, medicine
2021COVID-19 Treatment Research Blossoms from Plants that Prey22Adam Kreutzer Brenna Norton-Baker Carter Butts, PhD Fatemeh Safizadeh Gemma Takahashi, James Nowick, PhD Liz Diessner Marc Sprague-Piercy Rachel Martin, PhD Vesta Farahmand Zixiao ZongCollaborator Researcher Faculty Researcher Researcher Faculty Collaborator Researcher Faculty Researcher CollaboratorCarnivorous plants have inspired a group of UCI scientists to conduct promising research into treatments for people with COVID-19.Carnivorous plants, treatment, COVID-19
2021Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Students’ Environmental Fight24,25Ashley Green Ariane Jong David Banuelas Steven Allison, PhD Phoebe DawkinsStudent Student Student Faculty StudentFortunately, a group of graduate students could carry out critical environmental investigations despite pandemic protocols limiting much scientific activity at UCI in 2020. This spring, they reported on their work and experiences in conducting research during the global outbreak.environment, pandemic, investigation
2021Crucial New Research Questions Rise from Wildfire Ashes26,27Jennifer Martiny, PhD Julie Coffey Kathleen Treseder, PhD Moises Perea-Vega Priscilla Ta Sarah Kimball, PhD Steven Allison, PhDFaculty CEB Staff Faculty CEB Staff CEB Staff Faculty FacultyThe Silverado Canyon fires destroyed research sites for Professors Steven Allison, Jennifer Martiny and Kathleen Treseder, as well as CEB staff Moises Perea-Vega, Julie Coffey and Priscilla Ta. All of them quickly swung into action to move forward from the disaster with new lines of investigation.fires, research sites, investigation
2021Pandemic Puts Emeritus Professor in an Unexpected Place30,31Larry Marsh, PhDEmeritus ProfessorLarry Marsh didn’t plan to go back into the classroom after retiring from UCI BioSci. But then the pandemic struck, and the retired emeritus professor from the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology found himself once again facing students. This time, though, the learners were his four small grandchildren.retirement, pandemic, grandchildren
2020A Special Surprise for the UCI BioSci 2020 Class…Dr. Anthony Facui6,7Dr. Anthony FauciNIAID Director, Commencement SpeakerTranscript of Dr. Fauci’s commencement speech to BioSci’s class of 2020.Speech, Commencement, Celebration
2020UCI BIOSCI 2020 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER… CHALLENGING TIMES CREATE SURPRISING OPPORTUNITIES8,9Wajdie AhmadCommencement speakerWhile BioSci’s class of 2020 is graduating during an unconventional time, challenging moments create unexpected opportunities. Commencement speaker Wajdie Ahmad illustrated this point by telling the inspiring story of his own career journey.Speech, Commencement, Celebration
2020BioSci Community Aces Remote Learning’s Challenges10,11Gavin Newsom Howard Gillman Raju Metherate, PhDCA Governor UCI Chancellor Associate Dean of UG EducationIn an astonishing display of inventiveness and sheer grit, BioSci faculty and staff completed the transition to distance learning in a matter of days, just ahead of the governor’s stay-at-home orderQuarantine, Pandemic, Remote Learning
2020Graduating Students Will “Always Remember the Great Moments”12,13Philip FarahatStudentBioSci student Philip Farahat describes his transition to remote learning and how he will always cherish the great moments of his life at BioSci.Quarantine, Pandemic, Remote Learning
2020The Microbe Stunning the World: Coronavirus14-17Michael Buchmeier, PhDFacultyScientists and clinicians at UCI BioSci and around the world are working intensively to answer many ongoing questions concerning COVID-19, including those surrounding immunity, surveillance and vaccination.COVID 19, disease, virus
2020Can COVID-19 Go To Your Head?18,19Thomas Lane, PhDFacultySome patients have reported losing their sense of smell and taste as well as experiencing significant headaches and altered mental state. Professor Lane’s new research seeks to explain these and other pressing issues in the fight against COVID-19.COVID 19, disease, neurobiology
2020How Those with Alzheimer’s Can Help the Fight20,21 Joshua Grill, PhDFacultyAssociate Professor Joshua Grill, a clinical trials expert, says Alzheimer’s patients’ participation is crucial to the process of turning laboratory discoveries into new medicines that could one day vanquish the disease.Laboratories, Alzheimer’s, Patient Participation
2020Heroes and Herd Immunity22,23Ilhem Messaoudi, PhDFacultyIn a collaborative effort led by Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Professor Ilhem Messaoudi and colleagues from the School of Public Health and the School of Nursing, researchers are examining blood samples for the presence of antibodies against COVID-19 as well as tracking the virus using nasal swabs. Through this work, she and her team are investigating herd immunity, which occurs when a population has enough resistant individuals to slow the spread of infection.COVID 19, antibodies, testing
2020Mobilizing the Body’s First Responders for COVID-19 Combat24,25Charles Glabe, PhDFacultyProfessor Glabe and his team have developed a groundbreaking technique to characterize natural occurring antibodies (NAs) and high-affinity antibodies that may also make convalescent plasma a more effective treatment.COVID 19, antibodies, plasma
2020American Youth Could be Inhaling COVID-19 Risk26Christie Fowler, PhDFacultyWith about 40% of U.S. high school seniors currently using vaping devices, Neurobiology and Behavior Associate Professor Christie Fowler is investigating their possible role in the COVID-19 pandemic.Vaping, respiratory, COVID-19
2020Building a Roadblock to Halt the Coronavirus27Aimee Edinger, PhD Brendan FinicleFaculty Graduate StudentProfessor Edinger and her colleagues have developed a new molecule that places a roadblock on crucial cellular highways. After initial success against a mouse coronavirus, they are now testing to see if their molecule can keep SARS-CoV-2 from spreading among human cells.COVID-19, cells, treatment
2020Flushing Out COVID-19 Clues from an Unexpected Source28,29Katrine Whiteson, PhD Dr. Jason Rothman Dr. Theresa LovelessFaculty Researcher ResearcherWhen the COVID-19 outbreak began in the winter of 2019, Professor Whiteson, Dr. Jason Rothman, and Dr. Theresa Loveless realized they could analyze sewage to see if the virus was present locally and if so, to what extent. The approach would uncover this crucial information before clinical testing was conducted.COVID-19, wastewater, sewage
2020Global Warming Could Fuel Fever’s More30,31Charles Zender, PhD James Randerson, PhD Kathleen Treseder, PhD Linh Anh Cat Morgan GorrisFaculty Faculty Faculty Researcher ResearcherProfessor Treseder worked with UCI researchers Morgan Gorris and Linh Anh Cat, and Professors Charles Zender and James Randerson to determine if climate change would extend the reach of Valley fever, caused by Coccidioides, past America’s Southwest.Valley fever, fungi, climate change
2020Professor’s Path Proves Mentoring Power32,33Roberto Tinoco, PhDFacultyProfessor Tinoco is researching the disease processes of cancer that claimed his own dad’s life and guiding other young people in making their dreams come true.Cancer research, mentor, minority
2020A Mentor Grieves When COVID-19 Claims a “Remarkable Human Being”50,51Dr. James Goodrich James McGaugh, PhDNeurosurgeon, UCI Alumni FacultyDoctor James Goodrich’s loss was especially personal for BioSci Neurobiology and Behavior Distinguished Professor Emeritus James McGaugh, a founding faculty member and previous dean of the school. He was the longtime mentor of a man he describes as “a remarkable human being.”Memoriam, Remembrance, COVID-19
2020Love Among the Petri Dishes52Dr. Tamera Hatfield Greg HeintzBioSci AmbassadorsA three-decade romance that has come full circle back to the school.Giving, ambassadors, student resources
2020COVID-19 Must be the Clarion Call56n/an/aCOVID-19 must be the clarion call to reestablish American preeminence in basic scientific research. Let us also reaffirm the commitment to educating the newest generation of biologists who will lead us to a better future.COVID-19, future, new generation
2019Commencement 20186,7John D. GeracePresident of DiaSorin Molecular and co-founder of Calabri Genetics, Commencement SpeakerJohn D. Gerace was UCI Bio Sci’s 2018 commencement speaker.Commencement, speaker, celebration
2019Learning “Discoveries Don’t Come Out of Nowhere.”9Birpartap Singh Thind Fatima Yusuf Ksilen Mooney, PhDStudent Student FacultyEach semester, hundred of undergraduate BioSci students participate in Bio199, which introduces students to the interworkings of scientific discovery.Bio199, undergraduate, laboratories
2019Thrilling to the Surprises of Extreme Biology10Nancy Aguilar-Roca, PhDFacultyProfessor Aguilar-roca uses the newest teaching techniques to lead the course, Physiology of Extreme Environments at the Anteater Learning learning, technology, innovation
2019New Master’s Degree Puts Students on Path to Environmental Leadership13Jessica Pratt, PhDFacultyThe newly created course of study, Masters of Conservation and Restoration Science program trains professionals who can guide government agencies, the private sector and the public in working for a greener future.Ecology, conservation, sustainability
2019Powerful New MRI Center Reveals Clues to Vanquishing Diseases16Andre Obenaus, PhD Andrea Tenner, PhD Frank LaFerla, PhD Michael Yassa, PhDFaculty Faculty Dean FacultyThe School of Biological Sciences has teamed up with others on campus to established a specialized MRI facility to search for ways to prevent and treat diseases. This facility is called the Preclinical and Translational Imaging Center.MRI, disease, neurobiology
2019Mice with Tales: Invaluable Insights into Human Biological Processes17Andrea Tenner, PhD Frank LaFerla, PhD Grant MacGregor, PhDFaculty Dean FacultyProfessor MacGregor has helped oversee the increase production of mice at UCI and nationwide, such as for a project funded by the NIA led by Dean LaFerla and Professor Andrea Tenner involving Alzheimer’s research.Mice, Alzheimer’s, genetics
2019Resisting the Siren: Song of Relapse18Marcelo A. Wood, PhDFacultyProfessor Wood leads a research team that examines the molecular and neurological basis of substance use disorders with a particular focus on relapse.Drug use, relapse, rehabilitation
2019Stirring the Senses Sharpens Skills for Kids with Autism19Michael Leon, PhDFacultyAnimal models of autism spectrum disorder responded well to environment enrichment involving increased sensorimotor stimulation, and Professor Leon was able to translate these findings into an effective treatments for children with autism.Autism, animal model, enrichment
2019“Ribbiting” Insights Could Help Robot Development20Manny Azizi, PhD Sarah Bergbreiter, PhD S.N. PatekFaculty Faculty – University of Maryland Faculty – Duke UniversityProfessor Azizi and colleagues have studied why frogs can jump farther than their leg muscles allow, which helps scientists better predict theoretical limits of movement.Amphibians, Robots, Engineering
2019Oldie But Goodie: Putting Classic Drugs to Powerful New Purpose21David Fruman, PhDFacultyThe studies by Professor Fruman and his collaborators reveal that combining statins with other drugs can more easily kill cancer cells.Cancer, treatments, statins
2019Maternal Obesity’s Troubling Link with Baby Immunity22,23Ilhem Messaoudi, PhDFacultyProfessor Messaoudi and her collaborator have published work revealing that the immune systems of infants born to obese mothers develop differently than those whose mothers are in the normal weight range.Infancy, obesity, pregnancy
2019“I’ll Take a Side Salad”: UCI Biologists Identify First Omnivorous Shark24Donovan P. German Samantha LeighFaculty Doctoral CandidateMs. Leigh and Professor German investigated the digestive system of a group of bonnetheads and discovered that they digested and obtained nutrients from vegetation.Sharks, omnivores, bonnethead
2019Early Outdoor Adventures Gave Wings to Researcher’s Butterfly Interest26,27Adrianna Briscoe, PhDFacultyFocusing on her work with butterflies, Professor Briscoe has made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the ways color vision and body coloration have changed in animals.Butterflies, natural selection, ultraviolet
2019New Faculty28,29Dae Seok Eom, PhD Gyorgy Lur, PhD Joleah Lamb, PhD Roberto Tinocco, PhD Vivek Swarup, PhDFacultyUCI BioSci welcomes new faculty.New faculty, welcome
2019Retiring Faculty30Timothy Bradley, PhDRetired FacultyProfessor Bradley served as chair of two departments within the School, as chair of the Academic Senate, and as the director of the Salton Sea Initiative , investigating the complex problems affecting CA’s largest inland body of water.Retirement, sustainability
2019Retiring Faculty30Robin Bush, PhDRetired FacultyBesides running her own laboratory, Professor Bush worked with researchers at local and federal health agencies to boost disease surveillance and prediction as well as develop vaccines.Retirement, disease, public health
2019Retiring Faculty30Harmut Lueke, PhDRetired FacultyProfessor Lueke discovered the structures of several important proteins over the years, including the protein from the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori.Retirement, proteins
2019Retiring Faculty30Stephen Weller, PhDRetired FacultyMuch of Professor Weller’s work has focused on the evolution of plant reproductive systems.Retirement, botany
2019In Remembrance33Steve CarlyleDeceased StaffSteve, who retired from his role as BioSci’s computing director in 2015, is remembered for his outstanding work and as a wonderful friend.Remembrance, memorial
2019In Remembrance33Gayle “Morrie” Granger, PhDDeceased ProfessorProfessor Granger’s studies were instrumental in changing assumptions about how cells communicate and he revolutionized cancer treatment.Remembrance, memorial
2019In Remembrance33Audrey SchneidermanDeceased BioSci SupporterA dedicated philanthropist and wife of former BioSci dean Howard Schneiderman, Audrey made an impact on many areas of BioSci and the University as a whole.Remembrance, memorial
2019Connections to the Future43April Taniguchi Dr. Joseph ChenStudent MentorStudent April Taniguchi tells of how supporting her mentor has been throughout the BioSci Mentor Program.Mentorship, support, growth
2019Professor’s Zest for Knowledge Inspires New Fund`46Gayle “Morrie” Granger, PhDDeceased ProfessorFamily and former colleagues of Professor Gayle “Morrie” Granger have established an Endowed Fund to honor his legacy as a scientist, educator, mentor, and friend.Memorial, scholarship, award
2019A Student’s Award-Winning Fascination with the Brain47Carol McGaugh James McGaugh, PhD Jessica Bolton, PhD Keshav Balaji Tallie Z. BaramBioSci Supporter Faculty Faculty Student FacultyKeshav Balaji is the 2018 winner of the prestigious Carol and James McGaugh Award.Memorial, scholarship, award
2018Revving Up the Route from Research to Real Life6,7Aimee L. Edinger, PhD Chris W. Hughes, PhD Richard Sudek, PhDFacultyThe partnership with Applied Innovation will bring the School’s faculty even closer to achieving the goal of a sustainable and diverse planet without disease, with renewable biofuels and sufficient food for all its people.Sustainability, innovation, future
2018Commencement 2017: Compassionate Scientists9Elsa RamonCBS/KCAL report + anchor, Commencement SpeakerEls Ramon, a UCI alumna, was the 2017 Ayals School commencement speaker.Commencement, speaker, celebration
2018Exploring Life’s Interplay, New Majors Advance in Creative Ways10,11N/AN/AIn studying the interlacing of the mind, body, world, two new majors train students to improve human wellbeing in creative ways. (Exercise Sciences and Human Biology)Study, courses, major
2018Why I Give11Paul and Sydney BalalisDonorsThe Balalis’s explain why they are proud donors to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2018Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation12Allison Najafi Alyssa Braciszewski Christine Schneider Zachariah ReaghStudentsFour UCI Ayala School graduate students received the 2017 ARCS Award.Students, scholarship, awards
2018Rose Hills Foundation Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarship13Adam Brown Anais Panossian Ava Pournejad Celeste Schoeleh Yasmine YadollahiStudentsFive Ayala School students have been chosen as recipients of The Rose Hills Foundation Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarships for this academic year.Students, scholarship, awards
2018Minority Science Programs13Luis Mota-Bravo, PhD Marlene de la Cruz, PhDFacultyThanks to director Luis Mota-Bravo, PhD and associate director Marlene de la Cruz, PhD, MSP students conduct research projects with faculty mentors and present their projects at national conferences.Minority, empowerment, mentorship
2018Why I Give15Mona Hanouni, M.D.DonorMona Hanouni explains why she is a proud donor to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2018Of Mice and Men: Developing New Strategies to Defeat Alzheimer’s16,17Ali Mortazavi, PhD Andrea J. Tenner, PhD David Baglietto-Vargas, PhD Frank M. LaFerla, PhD Grant MacGregor, PhD Kim Green, PhD Marcelo A. Wood, PhDFaculty and DeanAn innovative mouse model developed to better research Alzheimer’s drugs has enabled Ayala School scientists to be awarded am $11.4M grant from the National Institute on Aging. Th mouse model was generated in the laboratory on Dean Frank LaFerla.Mouse model, Alzheimer’s, award
2018Regrowing a Lost Limb: Not So Far-Fetched18David M. Gardiner, PhDAssociate DeanAssociate Dean David M. Gardiner is working in the field of regenerative medicine, which aims to find a way to regrow tissues, so that damaged or diseased cells compromising our muscles, bones, and connective tissues can be repaired or replaced.Regenerative medicine, cell reactivation, repair
2018Revolutionary Microscopes Shine Light on Disease Secrets19Ian Parker, PhDFacultyProfessor Parker has recently created the Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscope, which has contributed to the finding of a dysfunctional protein found in Alzheimer’s disease.microscope, Alzheimer’s, proteins
2018Macro Push to Understand Micro Life Forms20Jennifer B.H Martiny, PhD Katrine L. Whiteson, PhDFacultyThe UCI Microbiome Initiative hopes to uncover principles linking personal microbiomes and those found in the ocean and soil.Microbiomes, bacteria, environment
2018Busting Down Roadblocks to New Drug Discovery22Melanie Cocco, PhDFacultyThrough seed grants, resource support and expertise, the consortium hopes to tackle many of the current roadblocks to drug discovery.Drug development, consortium, diseases
2018Taking More Direct Aim at Disease with New Drug Design Approach23Celia W. Goulding, PhD Rick Silverman, PhD Thomas Poulus, PhDFaculty Collaborator (Northwestern) FacultyFaculty members at the Ayala School are researching molecular structures to help advance the approach to creating pharmaceuticals into a more focused and efficient process.Pharmaceuticals, Tuberculosis, neurodegenerative disease
2018Mastering the Mysteries of MS24Craig M. Walsh, PhDFacultyUCI’s MS Research Center’s leader, Professor Walsh, has been examine how the immune system develops, functions and maintains stability.MS, immune system, autoimmune disease
2018BioSci’s Impact Feature: Preserving Hawaii’s Stunning Ecology25Ann K. Sakai, PhDFacultyProfessor Sakai has dedicated her career to understanding how the islands’ native plants arose and why they are disappearing at an alarming rate.Environment, ecology, conservation
2018Delving into the Brain to Break Addiction’s Grip26Christie D. Fowler, PhDFacultyProfessor Fowler is helping society tackle the challenge of addiction by studying the molecular mechanisms that spark those actions.Addiction, Nicotine, drug use
2018Short Acronym Brings Big Clout to Alzheimer’s Fight27Mathew Blurton-Jones, PhDFacultyUnder the direction of Professor Blurton-Jones, iPSCs offer an important tool for researchers seeking to prevents ad cure progressive and irreversible brain disorders.Alzheimer’s, iPSCs, neurodegenerative
2018Fast-Forwarding Brain Discoveries28Craig E.L. Stark, PhDFacultyIn Addition to running FIBRE, Professor Stark will use the facility for his own investigations into how memories are formed, aging’s impact on the brain and Alzheimer’s disease.Alzheimer’s, aging, MRI
2018Rocky Mountain High: Retired Professor Savors Outdoors and Teaching30Jerry E. Manning, PhD Ruth Wrightsman, PhDRetired FacultyDuring retirement, the pair have continued educating more future scientists through hands-on-work and creation of new programs for Montana students.Retirement, programs, community outreach
2018The 2017 BioSci AAAS Fellows31Adriana D. Briscoe, PhD Craig E.L. Stark, PhD Kathleen K. Treseder, PhDFacultyAdriana D. Briscoe, PhD, Craig E.L. Stark, PhD and Kathleen K. Treseder, PhD were named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancements of Science.Awards, fellowship, honor
2018Why I Give39John J. Tierney, M.D.DonorJohn J. Tierney explains why he is a proud donor to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2018Mentoring Tomorrow’s Biologists43Denis Kitayama Dr. Tina NovaMentor CEO of Molecular Stethoscope, IncThe Ayala School kicked off the 2017-2018 BioSci Mentor Program this past November with a celebratory dinner featuring Bio Sci alumna and key-note speaker Dr. Tina Nova.Mentorship, community, guidance
2018New Student Award Continues Legacy of Esteemed Former Faculty46Krishna Tewari, PhD Sujata Tewari, PhD Dr. Krishnansu Tewari Dr. Devansu Tewari Dr. Meagan M. Tewari Nita TewariEmeritus Professors DonorsThe new award, Frishna and Sujata Tewari Scholar Award for students demonstrating proclivity and aspirations in science and medicine.Award, Scholarships, Donors
2018Lifelong Mentor Inspires Gift to the School47James L. McGaugh, PhD James T. Goodrich Judy GoodrichFaculty Donor DonorThe James Tait Goodrich Award for Excellence in Neurobiology in Honor of James McGaugh endows an award recognizing an undergraduate student completing their junior year for outstanding achievement in neurobiology.Award, Scholarships, Donors
2017Commencement 2016: “Just the beginning…”5Charles DunlopPresident/founder of Ambry Genetics, Commencement SpeakerCharles Dunop, keynote speaker of Ayala School of Biological Sciences 2016 commencement, captivates those attending with his passion for science and making a difference in the world.Commencement, Graduation, Speech
2017Investment in Graduate Education Yields Dividends for Society6Marlene Godoy, D.D.S.DonorOur society counts on institutions of higher learning to provide knowledge, jobs, and answers to pressing problems. Investing in PhD and graduate programs helps to ensure this mission is achieved.Donations, Philanthropy, Graduate Education
2017New Café Brews More Ayala School Possibilities7Frank M. LaFerla, PhDDeanAyala School opens up a Starbucks to act as a hub where faculty, students, and staff can meet by chance.Grand Opening, Starbucks, Café
2017STEM Continues to Blossom Rose Hills Scholars8Anais Panossiam Ava Pournejad Cassidy Nguyen Devan Nisson Mercado MayalenStudentsFive Ayala School students have been chosen as recipients of The Rose Hills Foundation Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarships for this academic year.Students, scholarship, awards
2017The Minority Science Programs9Luis Mota Bravo, PhD Marlene de la Cruz, PhDFacultyKey to MSP’s success are its director Luis Mota-Bravo, PhD and associate director Marlene de la Cruz, PhD.Minority, empowerment, mentorship
2017Concussions Rear Their Head in Unexpected Sport13James W. Hicks, PhDFacultyDirected by Professor Hicks, the UCI Exercise Medicine and Sports Initiative participated in research that marks the crucial first step for water polo making the types of rule and equipment changes that other sports have put into place to help protect their players from head injury.Concussion, Wellness, Sports
2017Inflammation’s Red Hot Role in Alzheimer’s Fight14Andrea J. Tenner, PhDFacultyProfessor Tenner is on the forefront of the effort to better understand the link between inflammation, the immune system and dementia.Alzheimer’s, Inflammation, Chronic Disease
2017Games, Brains and Emotions: New Findings on Memory15Claudia H. Kawas, PhD Craig E. L. Stark, PhD Michael A. Yassa, PhDFacultyThe World is gaining a new understanding of how memories are formed and lost, thanks to researchers at the Ayala School.3D, Aging, Emotion
2017Taking a Lead in Fighting the Addiction Crisis16Catherine Cahill, PhD Christie D. Fowler Francis Leslie, PhD Marcelo Wood, PhD Shahrdad Lotfipour Steve Mahler, PhDFacultyWith skyrocketing opioid abuse bringing new attention to addiction’s consequences, the Ayala School of Biological Sciences has founded a new school center called Irvine Center for Addiction Neuroscience (ICAN), aimed at better understanding and combating the crisis.Addiction, Opioids, Drug Abuse
2017Starving Cancer Cells to Death18Aimee L. Edinger, PhD Zeba Wunderlinch, PhDFacultyAyala School researchers study why cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy drugs by focusing on personalized medicine, the genetic makeup of individual tumors, and metabolic changes.Cancer, Chemotherapy, Cells
2017When a Virus Goes Rogue19Anthony A. James, PhD Michael J. Buchmeier, PhDFacultyDrs. Buchmeier and James lead research that studies viral zoonoses: Zika virus and Malaria.Viral zoonoses, Zika, Malaria
2017Can We Predict Death?20Laurence D. Mueller, PhD Michael R. Rose, PhDFacultyProfessors Mueller and Rose have taken an approach to find out if its possible to predict the end of life by identifying a process called “the death spiral”.Aging, death, life cycles
2017Why I Give21Maria E. Minon, M.D., F.A.A.P.DonorMaria Minon explains why she is a proud donor to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2017Real Dirt on Climate Change22Kathleen K. Treseder, PhD Steven D. Allison, PhDFacultyProfessors Treseder and Allison demonstrate that unless climate modelers start paying more attention to fungi, predictions will be inaccurate.Fungi, climate change, soil
2017Why I Give23Marsha VaccaDonorMarsha Vacca explains why she is a proud donor to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2017Bed Bugs: Defeating the Enemy You Sleep With24Catherine Loudon, PhDFacultyProfessor Loudon researches why bed bugs have become resistant to pesticides.Bed bugs, Entomology, pesticides
2017Building a Better Biofuel25Markus W. Ribbe, PhD Yillin Hu, PhDFacultyProfessors Ribbe and Hu have been working on innovative ways to produce renewable biofuels.Biofuel, hydrocarbon, renewable energy
2017UCI and Tel Aviv University Teaming to Combat Alzheimer’s Around the Worlds26UCI MindN/ATo fight against Alzheimer’s disease, the Ayala School in partnership with UCI Mind is teaming up with Tel Aviv University to research treatment, drugs, and disease modeling for Alzheimer’s.Alzheimer’s, Tel Aviv, memory impairments
2017Ayala School’s Impact Feature: On the Forefront of the Huntington’s Fight27Leslie M. Thompson, PhDFacultyProfessor Thompson’s lab is at the forefront of using stem cells to better understand Huntington’s disease and design new treatments.Huntington’s Disease, genetic disorder, stem cells
2017A Living Legend: Professor James L. McGaugh28James L. McGaughFacultyMcGaugh’s integrity and academic achievement have won admiration from his colleagues and mentees, establishing him as a living legend throughout higher learning.Recognition, leader, legend
2017Where are They Now?29Barbara A. Hamkalo. PhDRetired FacultyThis article highlights what retired faculty member Barbara A. Hamkalo, PhD has been doing after leaving the Ayala School.Retirement, faculty, profile
2017Why I Give30Bert L. Semler, PhDDonorBert Semler explains why he is a proud donor to the Ayala School.Donor, philanthropy, funding
2017Pew Biomedical Scholar31Maksim Plikus, PhDFacultyAssistant Professor Maksim Plikus was selected as a 2016 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences.Award, recognition
2017BioSci Professors Capture Prestigious Recognition31David A. Fruman, PhD Sheryl Tsai, PhDFacultyProfessors David A. Fruman and Sheryl Tsai have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancements of Science.Award, recognition
2017Faculty Retirements32Luis Villareal, PhDFacultyLuis Villareal was founding director of the Center for Virus Research and focused a large part of his research investigating the general role of virus evolution in life.Retirement, faculty, profile
2017In Memoriam33Ralph J. Cicerone, PhDFacultyFourth UCI ChancellorMemoriam, obituary
2017In Memoriam33Krishna Tewari, PhDFacultyProfessor Tewari helped create the School’s Master’s program in Biotechnology and was a leading figure in his field.Memoriam, obituary
2017In Memoriam33Norman M. Weinberger, PhDFacultyWeinberger was a pioneering faculty member at UCI and a leading figure in the field of neurobehavioral research.Memoriam, obituary
2017In Memoriam33Robert K. Josephson, PhDFacultyProfessor Josephson was a dedicated instructor and mentor, compassionate and committed to the success of the School.Memoriam, obituary
2017In Memoriam33Jared M. Roberts, PhDFacultyMr. Roberts was a graduate student in the laboratory of Professor Michael Yassa and was a brilliant scientist, gifted mentor, and selfless friend.Memoriam, obituary
2017Help Mobilize Anteaters Against Alzheimer’s41Frank M. LaFerla, PhD Joshua D. Grill, PhDDean FacultyIn joining Anteaters Against Alzheimer’s, you become a part of the team working to bring about the breakthrough needed to make this public health crisis a distant memory.Donations, Funding, Alzheimer’s
2017Community Spotlight: Lester Ng44Lester NgCommunity MemberIn helping international students succeed, Mr. Ng and the Ayala School International Student Program are making it easier for them to focus on their academic work and chart a smoother course toward their career goals.Scholarships, philanthropy, awards
2017Award in the Making Help Honor Leader’s Passion44Norman M. Weinberger, PhDFacultyThe Norman M. Weinberger Memorial Fund provides financial support to exceptional graduate students in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.Scholarships, memorial , awards
2017Dean’s Excellence Fund: Nimble Response to the Unexpected45N/AN/APlease consider giving today to continue our rich history of advancing science and educating students who are at the forefront of making the world better.Donations, Funding
2016Francisco J. Ayala Monument4,5Francisco J. Ayala, PhDFacultyIn June of 2015, the School unveiled a monument to commemorate our renaming as The Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences.Monument, Historical, Recognition
2016Beyond 506,7Barack Obama Greg LouganisUS President Olympic Diving Champion (Speakers)The Ayala School of Biological Sciences will serve as the forefront of research institutions seeking to solve the most serious challenges facing our world.Commencement, Motivational, Celebration
2016Ayala’s Impact Feature: Distinguished Professor Anthony A. James9Anthony A. James, PhDFacultyProfessor Anthony A. James has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in Orange County by the Orange County Register for his research in the field of entomology.Entomology, Insects, Disease
2016Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Renewed10Andrea Tenner, PhD Frank M. LaFerla, PhD Mathew Blurton-Jones, PhDFaculty, Dean Faculty FacultyUCI MIND has received a five year, $11M grant from the National Institute of Aging to renew its status as one of only 29 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers in the nation.Alzheimer’s, UCI MIND, Grant
2016Keeping the Defenders of the Brain on Our Side11Kim Green, PhDFacultyDr. Kim Green and his team discovered that all microglia in the adult brain were dependent on a single signaling pathway for their survival – the colony simulating factor 1 receptor.Alzheimer’s, Discovery, Neurobiology
2016What Your Microbiome Can Tell You About Your Health12Katrine Whiteson, PhDFacultyKatrine Whiteson seeks to identify and understand the mechanisms by which human-associated microbes influence and indicate health and disease.Microbiome, Wellness, Disease
2016Climate Change and its Impact on Biology13Cascade Sorte, PhDFacultyWith a grant from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis and continuing with recent funding from the Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation, Dr. Sort is working to discover how climate change impacts invasive species.Climate change, Ecology, Biodiversity
2016Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identifying Biomarkers and a Drug Target14Ian Parker, PhD Jay GargusFaculty Director of CARTProfessor Ian Parker and Jay Gargus have been investigating alterations in cell signaling pathways in individuals with autism.Autism, Neurobiology, Cognition
2016Time for some R and R!14,15Peter Donovan, PhDFacultyScientists at UCI such as Professor Peter Donovan are studying how pluripotent stem cells can be maintained efficiently in the lab, how they can be coaxed into making other specialized cells, how tissue specific stem cells can be formed in early development, and how tissue-specific stem cells play a role in everyday physiological responses.Stem cells, Regeneration, Pluripotent Cells
2016Peering Into the Smallest Spaces15N/AN/AThe IMRI was established to serve as an interdisciplinary and cross-industry nexus for the physical sciences to enable advances in fundamental research.Microscopy, Subatomic, Molecular Biology
2016Understanding the Complexity of Life through Systems Biology16Arthur Lander, PhDFacultyAt UCI’s Center for Complex Biological Systems, director Arthur Lander, PhD focuses on Systems Biology research that has led to models suggesting novel cancer therapies, how organs grow to precise sizes, how cells grow and differentiate, and how birth defects arise.Systems biology, Cells, Genetics
2016UCI Oceans Initiative17Adam Martiny, PhD Cascade Sorte, PhD Donovan German, PhD Jennifer Martiny, PhD Matthew Bracken, PhD Nancy Aguilar-Roca, PhD Steven Allison, PhDFacultyUCI OCEANS is working to promote urban-ocean research a UCI by leveraging and fortifying the strengths of existing faculty and students through collaborative efforts.UCI OCEANS, ocean, research
2016Salton Sea Initiative18Timothy Bradley, PhDFacultyThe Salton Sea Initiative seeks to harness the university’s research, teaching, and service resources to address challenges facing the Salton Sea region.wildlife, public health, sustainability
2016Drought19Peter A Bowler, PhDFacultyUCI individuals like Professor Bowler have responded to the drought by providing opportunities to break habits and attitudes about water use and help us re-train ourselves and our expectations.Environment, sustainability, drought
2016Addressing Capitol Hill: Advocating for Research20Frank M. LaFerla, PhD Leah Drew Mimi Walters Pat White Robert Egge Tom Cole Dean Patient Advocate Congressional Representative President of ACT for NIH Executive VP of Alzheimer’s Association CongressmanDuring “Alzheimer’s Disease Research: Preventing the Boom that will Bust the US Economy”, Dean LaFerla joined by a team of individuals, testified before a Congressional Subcommittee to increase funding for Alzheimer’s research.Alzheimer’s, Policy, Funding
2016Empowering Excellence: Minority Science Programs24,25Francisco J. Ayala, PhD Luis Mota-Bravo, PhD Marlene de la Cruz, PhDFacultyThe Ayala School has received national praise for is efforts in developing programs to increase the preparation of underrepresented students to pursue research careers in the life sciences.Minority, Empowerment, Mentorship
2016Student Spotlight: The Rose Hills Foundation Scholarship28Catherine Ly Karen Bradshaw Marina Germanos Mary Sargious Melissa Huang Mikayla Mager Nujhat Ali Richelle Roelandt Lu Homo Ryan Ripperdan Victor QuachStudentsTen undergraduates from the Ayala School received the prestigious Rose Hill Foundation Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarship.Students, scholarships, leadership
2016Student Spotlight: Drake Dinh29Drake DinhStudentDrake Dihn, fourth-year Biological Sciences major, embodies what it means to be a successful Ayala School graduate.Students, academics, leadership
2016GPS: A Map for Success33David Fruman, PhDFacultyFunded by a grand awarded to David Fruman from NIH-BEST, GPS-BIOMED equips trainees with the knowledge, skills, and networks to become competitive candidates for the current workforce.Mentorship, careers, grants
2016Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program33N/AN/AThe Ayala School of Biological Sciences, in partnership with the School of Physical Sciences, will offer for the first time a Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program.Pre-med, physical sciences, certification
2016Community Spotlight37M. Marlene Godoy, D.D.S.Community MemberThe Ayala School is proud to honor Dr. Godoy for her foresight, generosity, and care.Scholarships, philanthropy, awards
2016Norman M. Weinberger38Norman M. Weinberger, PhDFacultyThe Department of Neurobiology and behavior held a naming ceremony to honor one of its founding faculty, Dr. Norman Weinberger. This space is known as the Weinberger Conference Room.Honoring, ceremony, renaming
2016A Living Legend40,41Susan V. Bryant, PhDFacultyBecause of her leadership, commitment to service, and distinguished research career, Professor Bryant is a highly regarded scientist and one of UCI’s living legends.Recognition, leader, legend
2015In Ayala’s Honor4,5Francisco J. AyalaFacultyUCI School of Biological Sciences changes its name to recognize Dr. Ayala’s impressive scientific achievements, his international stature, and his decades of support towards the UCI campus.Francisco Ayala, Name Change, Recognition
2015A Presidential Visit6,7James McGaugh, PhD Jessica Pratt, PhD President Barack ObamaFaculty Doctoral Student US PresidentPresident Barack Obama spoke to UCI Irvine’s Class of 2014 at a special commencement ceremony. Doctoral Student, Jessica Pratt, presented the graduate student address at this prestigious event.Commencement, Historical, Special Guest
2015New Chancellor8Howard Gillman, PhDUCI ChancellorHoward Gillman became UCI’s sixth Chancellor on Sept. 18, 2014.Chancellor, Transitions
2015Faculty Retirements9Herbert P. Killackey, PhD Michael T. Clegg, PhD Ronald L. Meyer, PhD Rudi C. Berkelhamer PhDFacultyFaculty Retirements as of the year 2015.Retirement, Transitions
2015New Faculty10Bruce McNaughton, PhDFacultyDr. Bruce McNaughton joined UCI BioSci as a Distinguished Professor of neurobiology and behavior.New Faculty, NBB, Distinguished Professor
201560 Minutes Features Three Faculty13Claudia H. Kawas, PhD James L. McGaugh, PhD Larry F. Cahill, PhDFacultyIn 2014 alone, three faculty were interviewed and featured on the CBS news show 60 minutes.Media, CBS, News
2015Battling Deadly Diseases16Anthony A. James, PhDFacultyThis year, Professor James received a $1M grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation’s medical research program to test evolutionary models for controlling malaria transmission and to understand the long-term effects of these engineered mosquitoes.Distinguished Professor, Disease, Malaria
2015Sex Matters17Carl Cotman, PhD, Dana Asward, PhD, Francisco Ayala, PhD. Lawrence Cahill, PhD Timothy Bredy, PhDFacultyUCI School of Biological Sciences Professors investigate the influences that sex has on research and medicine.Medical, Sex, Brain
2015Beyond Diet: Exploring how Environmental Factors Affect Your Weight18Bruce Blumberg, PhDFacultyThe work of the Blumberg lab has placed UCI at the leading edge of research into the mechanism of transgenerational effects of environmental exposures and may help provide better treatments for obesity.Obesity, Transgenerational, Obesogens
2015DNA – A New Key to Controlling Fear19Christie Fowler, PhD Leslie Thompson, PhD Marcelo Wood, PhD Timothy Bredy, PhDFacultyDr. Timothy Bredy led a new study that sheds light on the process involved in decreasing the impact of fear-related memories, particularly those impacted in conditions such as phobias and PTSD.NBB, PTSD, Epigenetics
2015Body-on-a-Chip20Christopher C.W. Hughes, PhDFacultyDr. Christopher Hughes and his team have now created the first beating heart muscle, bone marrow, and brain tissue on a chip that is kept alive by nutrients delivered through living blood vessels.Tumors, Anti-Cancer Drugs, Technology
2015How Does Coordinated Behavior of Stem Cells Impact Our Bodies?21Maksim Plikus, PhDFacultyDr. Maksim Plikus is actively studying the mechanisms of regeneration and stem cell control, which includes researching how complex tissues and organs regenerate under normal conditions in response to injury or disease.Regeneration, Stem Cells, DCB
2015For Caterpillars, Having a Well-rounded Diet can be Fraught with Peril.22Kailen Mooney, PhD Michael Singer, PhD (Wesleyan)FacultyDr. Kailen Mooney learned that caterpillars that feed on one or two plant species are better able to hide from predatory birds then caterpillars that consume a wide variety of plants.EEB, Evolution, Insects
2015Ayala School Field Research Sites, from Campus to Across California23,24N/AN/AAyala School faculty and students have access to 41 UC Natural Reserves for basic and applied field research.Field Research, Natural Reserves
2015A Dessert Renaissance25Timothy J. Bradley, PHD Travis E. Human, PhDFacultyUCI faculty have been instrumental to bringing UC-led sustainability programs including the Salton Sea Initiative, Water UCI Initiative, and UCI Sustainability Initiative to the Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center.Sustainability, Desert, Research Center
2015Exercise Medicine and Sports Sciences26James W. Hicks, PhDFacultyThe Exercise Medicine and Sport Sciences Initiative is compromised of a community of scholars led by Professor James Hicks whose mission is to promote and expand scholarly activities and innovative discoveries in all fields associated with movement, exercise, and sport sciences and rehabilitation.Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, Wellness
2015Seasons and the Sea27Jennifer Martiny, PhDFacultyTo understand the role of viruses in ocean nutrient cycling, Dr. Martiny and her colleagues study the diversity of viruses that infect marine cyanobacteria, a major component of the food chain base.Marine life, Viruses, Microbes
2015Empowering Excellence: Minority Science Programs30Francisco J. Ayala, PhD Luis Mota-Bravo, PHD (Both PICTURED ONLY)FacultyThe Minority Science Programs (MSP) is an orchestrated effort by the National Institutes of Health and the Ayala School to increase the number of underrepresented groups in biomedical research centers.Minority, Empowerment, Mentorship
2015Student Spotlight32Prachi ShahStudentPrachi, senior biological sciences major, was named the 2014-15 Dean’s Leadership Scholar.Student, Leadership, Award
2015Expanding Career Horizons33David Fruman, PhDFacultyDr. Fruman was recently award $1.7M grant from the National Institutes of Health to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows develop their knowledge and skills in preparation for a multitude of science-related careersCareer, Grant, Student
2015The Howard A. Schneiderman Memorial Bioethics Lecture35Michele Bratcher Goodwin, J.D., LL.M.Faculty – UCI School of LawThe 2014 Schneiderman Lecture, entitled “Pregnant Women and the Medical-Legal Divide”, was presented by Michele Goodwin.Lecture, Law, Bioethics
2015Community Spotlight: Mrs. Audrey Schneiderman39Audrey SchneidermanPhilanthropistAudrey has established a scholarship, a fellowship, helped build the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and endowed the Schneiderman Lecture Series in Bioethics.Community, Philanthropy, Benefactor
2015Evanescent Viewpoint43Ian Parker, PhDFacultyProfessor Parker has a passion for landscape photography, through which he aims to capture the spirit of wild and remote places.Photography, wildlife