Earth Day 2020

May 1, 2020

This year’s Earth Day on April 22 marked the 50th anniversary of the historic event that saw millions of people across the world come together to launch the modern environmental movement. To honor that tremendous accomplishment and to support continuing efforts to educate on behalf of our planet, Dunlop School celebrated – entirely online (in accordance with orders for quarantine) – with our own interactive, engaging Dunlop School Earth Day web page.  

Like’s key focus, Dunlop School concentrated on the theme of “Climate Change.” But that was just the beginning. Dunlop School presented a video message from Dean LaFerla, virtual visits with biological sciences experts, and a collection of articles by Dunlop School faculty telling of the research they are working on to combat climate change and other environmental challenges. Among the assemblage of educational material are research updates from Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professors Steven Allison, Adam Martiny, Cascade Sorte and Kathleen Treseder. Their entertaining and informative messages serve as calls to action against climate change.

We invite you to visit the Dunlop School Earth Day web page, view the faculty videos and learn more about climate research at Dunlop School.

For suggestions on actions you can take to help the planet, please visit’s 11 Actions for the Planet During a Pandemic.