2018/19 Committees

Executive Committee

2017-2019Lee BardwellAdriana BriscoeMelissa LodoenRon Frostig
2018-2020Max PlikusKevin Thornton Tom PoulosMichael Yassa

Undergraduate Cabinet Elected Members

2018-2020Grant McGregorNancy Aguilar-RocaPavan KadandaleAndrea Nicholas

The Faculty Executive Committee includes elected members of the faculty, the Dean of the School of Biological Sciences and the Associate Deans.  Four elected members serve as representatives to the UCI Faculty Senate.

Duties of the Executive Committee defined by the School Bylaws:

  • To represent the Faculty in all appropriate aspects of the School,
  • To authorize the Dean, at the Committee’s discretion, to administer the Divisional and Senate regulations concerning students, including the regulations governing transfer and scholastic disqualification,
  • To advise and assist the Dean in the administration of the school,
  • To appoint all committees of the Faculty not otherwise provided for,
  • To establish and maintain liaison with the executive committees of the other colleges and schools in the Division.

Agreements and other advisory documents

Undergraduate Cabinet:
Undergraduate Cabinet MOU 2018 amendment

Recommendation of policies for joint appointments
Joint Evo-Devo Memo

EC Annual Report 2018/2019

Elected members of the Executive Committee (from 2001)

2019 – 2020Max PlikusKevin ThorntonTom PoulosMichael Yassa
2018 – 2019Max PlikusLee BardwellKevin ThorntonAdriana BriscoeTom PoulosMelissa LodoenMichael YassaRon Frostig
2017 – 2018Ken ChoLee BardwellManny AziziAdriana BriscoeMelanie Cocco (Chair)Melissa LodoenSunil GhandiRon Frostig
2016 – 2017Ken ChoBruce BlumbergAnn SakaiJose RanzMelanie CoccoMichael BuchmeierSunil GhandiSusana Cohen-Cory (Chair)
2015 – 2016Rahul Warrior (Chair)Bruce BlumbergDiane CampbellJose RanzIrene PedersenMichael BuchmeierTimothy BredySusana Cohen-Cory 
2014 – 2015Rahul WarriorAimee EdingerDiane CampbellMatt Bracken (1 yr)Irene PedersenMelanie Cocco (Chair)Timothy BredyMathew Blurton-Jones
2013 – 2014Tom Schilling (V. Chair)Aimee EdingerSteve AllisonMatt McHenryMelissa LodoenMelanie CoccoRon Frostig (Chair)Mathew Blurton-Jones
2012 – 2013Tom SchillingChristine SuetterlinSteve AllisonDonovan German (V. Chair)Naomi MorrissetteDana Aswad (Chair)Ron FrostigJohn Guzowski
2011 – 2012Arthur LanderChristine SuetterlinAdriana Briscoe (Chair)Donovan GermanMarkus RibbeDana AswadNorbert Fortin (V. Chair)John Guzowski
2010 – 2011Arthur LanderSteve Gross (Co-Chair)Adriana Briscoe (Co-Chair)Kailen MooneyMarkus RibbeCelia GouldingNorbert FortinCraig Stark
2009 – 2010Peter DonovanSteve GrossJennifer Martiny (V. Chair)Kailen MooneyDavid Fruman (Chair)Celia GouldingJorge BusciglioCraig Stark
2008 – 2009Peter DonovanTau-Mu YiJennifer MartinyKevin ThorntonDavid FrumanSheryl TsaiJorge BusciglioLarry Cahill (Chair)
2007 – 2008Kavita Arora (V. Chair)Lee BardwellAdam SummersKevin ThorntonCraig Walsh (Chair)Sheryl TsaiFrances ChanceLarry Cahill
2006 – 2007Kavita AroraLarry Marsh (Chair)Katharine SudingNeil TsutsuiCharles Glabe (Co-Chair)Craig WalshFrances ChanceShao Jun Tang
2005 – 2006Kavita AroraLarry Marsh (Co-Chair)Katharine SudingNeil TsutsuiCharles Glabe (Co-Chair)Craig WalshFrances ChanceShao Jun Tang
2004 – 2005Ronald MeyerRahul WarriorAnthony Long (Chair)Adriana BriscoePaolo CasaliDana AswadSusana Cohen-CoryGeorg Striedter
2002 – 2003Tom SchillingHans Bode (Chair)Adam SummersWalter FitchCharles GlabeChris HughesRon FrostigPauline Yahr
2001 – 2002Diane O’Dowd (Chair)Hans BodeAnthony LongWalter FitchTom PoulosChris HughesRaju MetheratePauline Yahr

Elected members of the Undergraduate Cabinet:

2018-2020Grant McGregorNancy Aguilar-RocaPavan KadandaleAndrea Nicholas
2017-2018Justin SchafferNancy Aguilar-RocaMike CumskyAndrea Nicholas (chair)